My Covid Protocols: Sanitation, Separation & Keeping Safe.

I feel like I really should have gone through this ages ago, but it’s time I detail my current covid protocol and sanitation steps for the peace of mind of my visitors and potential suitors weighing the pros and cons of an in person visit. For those of you who asked and those of you who generally wonder but don’t know how to broach the subject – let me take a moment to dive in and let you know what I’m doing on my side for your safety and peace of mind.

Perhaps the most important aspect: I am only taking one visitor in the flesh every five days.

My posted schedule shows availability for both in person and digital sessions – no overlap or close proximity appointments are available at this time. Each guest must answer and adhere to a series of social distancing questions when booking to affirm they are not taking this lightly and they are being VERY diligent about their interactions in the world.

Anyone working with the public or living with someone in their house working with the public in close range or in any way unmasked will have to wait until Feb to connect with me. (Sorry 🤕) This includes anyone attending in person schooling.

No visits to bars, restaurants: take out, drive through and essential errands only with masks.

No group outtings, social visits or anything not mandatory is also unwelcome until post pandemic.

If someone has visited family or friends for the holiday and wishes to book, a 10 day waiting period and negative covid test are required or a 14 day period from the last date of your visit.

If you’ve been on a plane, you must see me within 24 hours of landing before the incubation period kicks in. If this isn’t possible, a 14 day waiting period is needed unless you’re willing to wait 10 days and provide proof of a negative test.

I myself adhere to the same above rules. All groceries delivered, no unessential errands, duos, visits, outtings, etc. I am a happy hermit.

While it isn’t fool proof, I take my temp twice a day, blood pressure and oxygen saturation in the morning. Anything even slightly abnormal is noted, halted and treated as a red flag. I have remained healthy and intent to keep us both, as safe as can be.

For the dungeon: I run an electrostatic air purifier after sessions to sanitize the air and I have a industrial grade hepa filtered air purifier during our playtime that circulates the air to completion once every hour, the dungeon is also aired out while I clean, fully circulating the air after dates.

All articles are sterized with cavicide, a hospital grade sanitizer, 99% isopropyl alcohol, bleach or boiled. Linnens are double washed in hot water with bleach – any item touched is cleaned regardless of use. All surfaces including light switches, door handles and door surfaces, counter tops and dungeon equipment is wiped twice with Clorox wipes, including the chair you sit in.

Latex items are triple washed in antibacterial soap and not resused for 14 days. Beverages are served in bottle form only, no reusable glass wear is available.

Admittedly, it’s a lot of steps but it has worked like a charm and has become second nature – almost an entirely autopilot process that lends to meticulous sanitation and a maintenance of my health – and yours. We can’t prentend our needs have gone away during this crisis nor can we ignore the fact that this is the ONE thing a lot of you still allow yourselves during an otherwise hermitted and sterile life.

I take that sort of trust you place in me with the utmost gravity and realize my role in making our time together count. You need this respite as much as I do, and while this pandemic’s days are numbered – I won’t be letting up on these rituals until it’s deemed unnecessary by the CDC.

So, while the wait time for a connection is a little longer than normal because of the spacing, I can promise you that there’s not a single additional thing I could add to this list to keep you safe. I truly hope this helps a lot of you feel comfortable in your experience and look forward to our connection with confidence.

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