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Blog Post: 30 Days Until My Birthday!

Here we go…
In 30 days my darlings, your favorite Cancerian is ringing in yet another birthday. 

I’m not trying to be too sappy, although when I’m blissfully happy – sentimentality is my leaning, but it’s been a truly incredible year so far thanks to so many of you!

I can’t recall a time when I’ve had more consistent fun, great friends, stress free and thoroughly memorable clients and a million other little things to be so grateful for.  While there of been a lot of awesome shifts to my dungeon: new equipment, new clothes and new projects I’ve started, I’ve also had an amazing time truly indulging in some wonderful people and diving to new depths with my group of consistently kinky regulars. It has been the absolute best experience a little deviant like me could hope for!

But now that it’s officially a 30 day countdown, consider this an official warning.

As someone who often does exactly as I please on a daily basis, I take deep pride in doing so with absolutely no hesitation or restraint in the weeks leading up to my special day. I’m going to have you darlings, really truly, inside and out. I’ll take any excuse to push the envelope, let my hair down and sink my teeth and claws a little further into you……

With that thought lingering, it’s fairly obvious that the gift I’d like most is your presence in my dungeon!  

Whether I’ve just seen you last week or haven’t had your helpless, naked form in my studio for 6 months; my greatest pleasures in life are always going to involve rope, leather and soundproof walls.

I am a tireless pervert so your physical submission (and endurance) is what will make my heart race the most.

While June’s availability seems to evaporate with each update, remaining possibilities can be found here: and July is still wide open and ready for the taking!

Now as some of you, very sadly, just can’t exactly submit in the flesh, but still wish to offer celebration and adoration, I do have some wish lists floating around! Though please believe me – no gifts or recognition of any sort is necessary! This post is strictly for those who *enjoy* going a bit out of their way to serve their Domina.

Donations to animal hospitals will always top my list, specifically Vucjakshelter: Pay pal: (This guy takes in ALL abandon animals in Serbia, he’s got about 450 now)

Humane Society of the United States:;jsessionid=00000000.app328bidb=1057546701&df_id=23356&mfc_pref=T&23356.donation=form1&NONCE_TOKEN=B7A68AED2AFAB94591FD0DD723D338F1&s_src=web_topnav_donate&23356_donation=form1

Any amount at all is amazing, especially when done in my honor (I’d love to see that confirmation notice 🖤)

Note: in lieu of flowers or candy being sent to my doorstep, animal shelter donations are VASTLY preferred 💋

And for more material cravings….

This is a bit extravagant but I admit I’ve had my eye on this purse for a looooong time. I would not want anyone to go above and beyond their means to acquire this for me, but if abundance is your nature…  (in black)

My dutiful amazon wish list of course:

Ulta or Sephora Gift cards

And last but not least, I’m planning a vacation this fall, if anyone would like to contribute to that, you may do so here.  Cash app $VictoriaInSeattle

And of course, if you’d like to do something a little different – I always love when people put ‘good’ into the universe. Go feed some ducks, give lunch to someone who’s homeless, be kind in a situation that challenges you or do some good for yourself. Think of me as you do it, serve me with love and positive intention.

Here’s to an incredible month ahead my sweets, thank you all so much for being in my universe.

Special Note:If you have my address, please DO NOT use it to mail packages or cards – especially using my professional name Victoria Rage.I appreciate all gestures, but discretion is paramount.

New Review: Todd Larson

Original Photo From

I’ve been seeing Mistress Victoria for several years now.

My last visit was in March. Every time seems better than the last. Her dungeon it amazing, I’m like a kid in a candy shop when I enter.

She is always getting new equipment to enhance the experience. She’s a consummate professional and I completely trust her when I surrender myself.

She gives me the courage to try new things, like sounding, or electrical play. I would recommend her to experienced players or first timers.

My only regret is not being able to spend more time with her.

New Review: Jim B

Original Photo From

I have seen professional dominate women in a few states.
Victoria Rage is the most complete caring, creative and competent director of dominance that I have been around.

Mistress has lead me to heights and boundaries I never thought possible. The dungeon space is set for whatever kink can be thought up. If the dream is to be lead by two or more, Victoria has fantastic friends she works with. Anyone wanting the best adventure needs to see Mistress Victoria

New Review: Jeff W

Original Photo From

This review is a composite of several visits to see Domina Victoria Rage.

I first reached out to Domina Victoria Rage in the midst of a 5+ year hiatus from kinky play (almost exclusively with professional dominatrices) after having followed her on Twitter for quite some time.

She responded very quickly and professionally to my introductory email and, after just a short exchange, our initial meeting was set. Her multi room dungeon is easy to find with ample parking and equipped with a staggering array of furniture, equipment, outfits and all manner of toys. The pictures on her site, while accurate, really do not do it justice.

After warmly greeting me, she always takes a few moments to sit and chat. Domina inquires about how I am doing personally and asks if I have any specific kinks or activities that have been most on my mind or desired lately. While there is no guarantee she will explore what I mention, as often she has very specific plans of her own, her genuine interest in what I am feeling and how I am doing that day heightens the experience incredibly while also helping her supply the best possible experience.

The chat is always followed by a shower in her immaculately clean dungeon bathroom. This is the perfect way to transition from the outside world into the session. I first came to Domina Victoria with a pretty extensive of list of things that I had done in the past as well as activities i was currently interested in exploring. She not only expertly explored my specific interests but, as time went on, expanded them into some things that I’d never really considered. Her intuition is truly like none I have ever seen.

It is almost if she crawls inside your head and extracts exactly what you want and need from your subconscious and then, not only delivers it, but expands upon it. Domina also shows tremendous care for me during every scene. She is constantly checking both verbally and visually to see that I am okay. Her demeanor within session is incredible. It is simultaneously playful, caring, sensual, strict and teasing. However, there is absolutely no doubt at any time who is in charge. It also very clear that while she cares about my well being and desires, I will endure whatever she has planned for me that day be it physically harsh or just simply incredibly stimulating.

The most amazing thing is that she makes me truly WANT to please her. No matter what that day’s session includes, I am always on cloud nine when I walk out the door at the end. When the play time has ended, I am always offered a chance to shower and clean up if needed followed by some time to sit, chat and and come down a bit from subspace. Her aftercare is wonderful. Never once, ever, did I feel like I was being pushed out the door or that i was “just another client that day.”

Domina does genuinely care about every submissive who comes to see her and devotes herself completely to every session. It was obvious from my first interaction with her how much she loves what she does and her pure joy during each session adds incredibly to the experience. Whether you are a long time player looking for a someone to see regularly or a curious novice looking for a one time experience, whether your interests are in erotic sensation, tease and denial, harsh corporal, bondage, medical play or any other of the interests she lists on her site you can truly not go wrong by reaching out to Victoria Rage.

Simply follow her instructions and express your interests and limits clearly and you will truly enjoy an exquisite experience. I am so glad, after so many years away, that I reached out to her. She has added a wonderful dimension my life.

Blog Post: Salacious and Shiny New Rubber Bondage!

I think I may have done the impossible…

Last month, I went on a total rubber bender – everything shiny and sultry that I wanted, I dove headfirst into, denying myself absolutely nothing. It was an incredible spree, everything from clothing and hoods to blindfolds, gags and toys filled my cart: but then, somehow…. I didn’t write a single word about it when it all poured in. To say I was consumed by endless hours playing in the dungeon would be an understatement, but I never forget about my darling readers for too long, now do I?

So, let me catch you up on my two favorite additions! The first, is something rather simple but utterly perfect.

Bondage Sleep Sack From Libidex

Now, I openly admit, I have several body bags and sleep sacks already – but what I *didn’t* have was something quite like this. Body tight by design that zips firmly up the back like a second skin cocoon.

The only front zipper is for access to your most sensitive bits, it’s not long enough to be escapable or offer a bit of room when opened. This sack gives a feeling of heavy and tight rubber encasement, studded with D rings to tie you inch by inch to my most secure steel examination table – or whatever else I want.

The open head/face design is better for beginners  who may struggle with fully immersive encasement, but still – hoods and other sensory depriving implements can easily be added.

Sarcophagus Sleep Sack From Libidex

This one, this obscenely erotic beauty of a piece, absolutely has my heart….

Multi layer encasement with no escape is the theme of this article. Based as a sleep sack with attached hood, it’s comfortable, confining (but not too much) with loads of open space to strap you down in rubber belts and rope.

Interior arm sleeves and a compressed ankle entry keep limbs firmly planted in place, while the attachable second layer is applied. This cuts you off: sight, sound, everything except the sweet smell of rubber. That second layer though is optional and attachable, but especially made for breath play, only a small opening exists for air to be taken in (or cut off at my whim). Again, bodily access remains available while you’re otherwise vulnerable, captured and smothered in rubber.

Now, while I did get even more goodies in stock, I know better then to throw too much at my lovely readers at once, it’s best to draw these enticements out slowly so that none are forgotten and all are properly admired and lusted for. I’ll save my new rubber wardrobe post for later this month, as well as a proper update of the soon to come HEAVY RUBBER page of my website, to properly display all the absolutely thrilling articles in my encasement collection.

In the meantime, if you’re sitting at your computer, pulse racing and fetishistic sensibilities heightened, by all means feel free to ask to try this on our next date.

*Just a reminder that these articles fall under my reasonable heavy rubber tribute and time min*

New Review: Traci K

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Posted By: Traci K

Where do I start. Mistress Victoria can read my body and my mind.

She plays with my mind like no one else has. She is able to bind, beat and tease me in order to get me to promise to do anything.

She follows up with me on my promises and I if I do not keep them, I get punished. I can not imagine seeing anyone else.

She is beautiful and her mind is wicked, yet she is also very caring and goes out of her way to ensure an ideal experience for me. Her play space is just awesome. I think she should charge more than what she does, the cost is well worth your time and money.

New Review: Sub Of The North

Original Screen Shot From

Ported By: Sub of the North

I assume most people that are new-ish to the scene are similar to me. Nervous about exposing your kinky side, reviewing a website over and over for weeks or even months working up the courage to book, dreaming of what could be if you finally went. I’m here to tell you that with Domina Victoria Rage, you need to take that leap and see her.

I had seen other pro dommes in the past and never felt as comfortable as I did during the first few minutes that I met Domina Rage. The first thing you find as she opens the door for you is a woman that is more beautiful than her photos can show. Her smile, her looks, the way she stands, her voice greeting you, everything about her screams sensuality. It is immediately intoxicating and melts away any anxiety you may have had, to be replaced with primal desire.

By the time she has invited you to sit and chat about your session, you already feel at home. When discussing your session she takes a genuine interest in your kinks. I was nervous and shy to ask for what I wanted, but was greeted with enthusiasm once I did. From the look in her eyes and growing smile, you can see that she shares your excitement for play.

It took only a couple minutes to feel completely comfortable sharing my desires with her. There was no judgement, no dismissing of my needs, only curiosity and support. You can not embarrass yourself by being honest with her. She quickly understood what I was asking for, and asked questions with suggestions expanding on my kinks. Her supportive attitude carried over into play as well.

I won’t get into details about our sessions, but I have never once been disappointed in our interactions. As she has read my reactions, she has introduced me to play that I didn’t know existed that I thoroughly enjoyed.

If there is one defining feature in our sessions, it’s that she can understand and adapt to your needs better than anyone. Her disarming smile and wickedly playful demeanor makes you want more, and to be more, for her. You will be fixated on accomplishing anything she asks, and feel like it’s what you wanted all along. If you are on the fence to see Domina Victoria Rage, you shouldn’t be. Let her guide you to becoming your real self while embracing your inner kink. You will not regret it. Go. Now!

New Review: From Jeff D

Original Screen Shot:

Wow is really all I can say about the session I had with Mistress Victoria.

It was my first time meeting Mistress after following her on Twitter for over 3 years. I was extremely nervous about experiencing a long awaited fantasy but Mistress made me feel at ease quickly.

After a brief chat about pertinent information I was offered a shower. Upon exiting the shower it was time to submit completely. Mistress was feeling in a generous mood and allowed me to pick one of three different hypnosis sessions.

She gave me a brief idea of what the first two would be about but said the third was a surprise. I took the plunge and went for complete surprise. I wanted to fully give up control and have an experience I couldn’t imagine.

While going under trance Mistress relentlessly teased my body in more ways than I could list, even if I remembered them all. During the session I felt extremely vulnerable and perfectly safe. It is very important to Mistress that her subjects are safe at all times. I would highly suggest anyone with an interest to go visit Mistress Victoria. She is welcoming and caring but is clear she is in charge. You will submit to her will and follow all of her commands. By doing so you will have an absolutely wonderful time. I can’t wait for the next time I’m able to submit to Mistress again.

New Review: From Victoria’s Slut

Before I start, let me apologize for the small amount of spamming I’m about to do.

In switching my review board preferences to Mistress Review, I’ve come to notice that their profile page only spans the last 8 reviews for entertainers. Obviously, for the sake of keeping it concise, this makes total sense – but I’m not about to let the sweet and thoughtful words of my commentators fall by the wayside simply because of a page lay out. Some of these are very long and detailed, I’d hate to imagine I was the only one who got to read and absorb their sweet sincerity!

So, keeping anything from falling through the cracks, I’ve decided the best option would be to screen shot the original for authenticity, then publish individual entries HERE; leaving clickable links from my website to these pages for the benefit of future suitors. Simple enough, right?

Now here’s why I apologized…. I have 19 reviews posted, each of which is about to get their own blog entry and subsequent tweet….as that’s the default settings of this blog. It has to happen so I can get a URL, which lands it a permanent link on my site.

So, I’ll try to keep it simple with about 3-4 posts a day until I’m all caught up, and of course, in the meantime, if anyone else who has seen me would like to post their own review of our time together, I warmly encourage you to do so. Nothing helps new clients on the fence of a visit feel more confident then seeing others go before them and have a great time.

So with all of that in place, let’s get down to it!

Original Screen Shot…

Posted By: Victoria’s Slut

This is for my fellow travelers, who like me wait far too long before, hopefully, giving in to what we want most.

As I stepped out of the shower to towel off after another session of joyfully suffering for Victoria’s pleasure, I found her leaning against the doorway to the bathroom. This was a first, so I was some what taken by surprise thou admittedly pleasantly so.

Perhaps she was surveying her handy work from that day’s session, I don’t know but the look on her face said it all. Here is a woman that thoroughly enjoys what she is doing, confident, powerful, comfortable in her own skin, knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to take it. That aura is palatable.

I imagine this is what the prey must feel like right before the lioness devours them, and can’t wait for it to happen. How can one not: alluring and sexy Victoria has a delightfully wicked twinkle in her eyes to match her seductive smile, along with a sultry laugh, and if you catch her uttering the words “good boy” and “oh yes you are going to take it” under her breath while subjecting you to some delicious torment well who wouldn’t be wishing to be devoured.

It is true that I first came to Victoria with “bucket” list of things I had long fantasized about and now had hope to make come true. However as Victoria worked her magic on me during that first session I discovered she has this way of quickly gaining your trust which made it surprisingly easy for me to succumb to my submissive nature with her. Somewhere during that first session I found myself abandoning that bucket list and surrendering myself to her.

I have seen her a number of times now, yet it would do her a great disservice to say each visit is better than the last. For with each visit Victoria has exposed me to new and exciting sensations; expanding my horizons in the most unexpected and most memorable ways. Such is her power that I have experienced and enjoyed things that I would not have considered, or at minimum would have placed way way down on that mythical bucket list. I think I have even surprised her with what I have begged her for during some of our sessions.

I now crave things I wouldn’t have thought possible before crossing the threshold and into the depths of her dungeon. So what is the secret to Victoria’s magic? Upon returning home after my first visit, I received an unexpected surprise: an email from her titled afterthoughts which is an extremely personal note from Victoria about one’s encounter. If it wasn’t clear already from your time with Victoria, such a note should cement the idea that Victoria views the session as much as hers as it is yours.

Like any great chef, musician, or artist she doesn’t succumb to the temptation of preparing a meal, or playing a piece of music, or lets say working with molten glass seem routine and uninspired. My apologies to Anthony Bourdain but I think his take on what makes a great cook applies here. “…You must enjoy what you’re doing…You need passion, curiosity, a full spectrum of appetites…You need to yearn for things…Ultimately, you are cooking for yourself.” Victoria clearly does enjoy what she is doing.

Victoria seeks to grow and learn new things about her kinks: it is as if you, your body and mind, are her canvas and she is driven to make the best use of it. As you honor her with your submission, she honors you with her passion and commitment. But it is the last comment that I find most applicable, most endearing: they, as does Victoria, first and foremost do what they do for themselves and are consumed by it, and if we are lucky enough to be able to partake along the way then we are most fortunate indeed as I have been with my brief time with Victoria.

Victoria has shown me that I am, among other things, a masochist so consider anyone can use a whip, paddle, or cane to deliver pain, but it is only an artist, and she is one, who knows how to use each one in such a manner as to inflict the most delicious of torments. In this case your mission, as it is mine, is to appreciate the various nuances each implement brings to the party, appreciate each has its own bite, appreciate each renders its own distinct welt, appreciate how each of your body parts respond in a unique way to her use of those implements, and most importantly appreciate that she is able to take you on that voyage of discovery. The first of many such voyages if you give her the chance.

I was fortunate to stumble upon her twitter page which I found refreshingly unique in terms of what she chooses to post and discuss. A reader gets a peak into the person beyond the pro domme. From there I ventured to her website and blog (both expertly put together by her), where if you read thoroughly you’ll learn more about her and what she is passionate about. Her dungeon looks exactly like it is pictured on her website: clean, well laid out and organized, and filled with all sorts of delightful looking instruments of torment and pleasure all of which are top shelf. And those fabulous pictures of her you see on her website do not do her justice when you meet her in person.

I am ever so grateful that on my fateful day, as she refers to it, when I decided to no longer just be content with my fantasies that Victoria was waiting for me. You will be too.

Blog Post: Hello Sweet Stranger, Are You Ready For Me?

I’ll come right out and say it, I love novices.
Admittedly, with my schedule often dominated by my dearly beloved regulars, I don’t have as much time as I used to for such appointments. However, this month I’ve been graced with some thoroughly amazing encounters featuring brand spankin’ new playmates. Let me tell you, it’s just been the most revitalizing experience.
Luring novice visitors into my web however is another matter. I know so many of you sit curiously at your keyboard, researching, lusting and hoping, only to find reasons to deny yourselves and delay reaching out. Or worse, to see a post about what I’ve done in scene with a VERY seasoned regular and think that’s the treatment *you’d* be in for and resign yourself to ‘not being ready’ to play. Oh how wrong that impression is… It’s no wonder I often hear from suitors that it took them YEARS to work up the nerve to see me.
I always smile and reassure them of course, but internally I’m screaming – why, why – whyyyyy deprive yourself of YEARS in possibility!?
Personally, I’ve always had a particular warmth in my heart for the nervous newbie and with a bit of admitted vanity, that stems from my confident ability to handle that type. I am good with the new and scared, those who shake like a leaf in my presence – I know and I love it – but with equal measure, I can cut though your apprehension with stealth and finesse so we can quickly move into the phase where you’re totally at ease leaving only excitement running through your core.  I’m well aware that you’re imagining everything you’ve ever seen me post as a possibility that might befall you, that would make any reasonable man go pale, but truly……those men aren’t you. Whatever you’ve seen or imagined I’d do with someone else, is not meant for you. Your scenario is going to be exacting and entirely what YOU need and want.
…though that alone does give you a whole new level of things to worry about, doesn’t it?
Despite all appearances, I’m a nurturer at heart – a Classic Cancerian if you follow zodiac signs –  seeing someone embrace the kinky part of themselves for the first time and being able to facilitate that, simply makes my heart swell. I remember being new to the scene once too, how very intimidating it all cam seem; but behind the lechery and latex, it’s all about warm welcoming acceptance. I’m here to be your guide just as much as I will be your Huntress.
You have to admit, there’s something romantic about taking a reluctant, shy or simply inexperienced partner and creating the moment that makes them eager to dig a little deeper, the moment they go from ‘interested’ to ‘unstoppable’….
For that reason alone, the way I structure a first appointment is like no other…and for any of you teetering on the decision of taking the plunge with me, let me break that down for you a bit. Knowing what you’re actually in for can be a very helpful advantage.
At its core, a first time scene structurally consists of helping you relax into me and your sexuality,  then taking whatever fantasies or interests you have and giving them to you exactly; all within the bounds of you comfort level. In that sense, a first appointment is unlike any other. I’m here to take you where you need to go, where you might have waited ages to go. I want to specifically satisfy the long held urge, to indulge the curiosity, to show you that fantasy and reality can often intertwine just beautifully and give you a taste for more… that’s the point. Unless of course, your kink IS to be pushed to your very edge from the beginning! Naturally, I always introduce a few surprise elements along the way, but your never in danger being in an overly intense predicament you can’t get out of. At least, not on a first date.
All the boundary pushing, edging towards distant, deviant goals and much heavier play can come later (unless you’re ready). The first time, the deflowering,  it’s all about pure unadulterated satisfaction. 
Believe me my dear virginal suitors, even I, after all these years, still have a flutter of anxiety when I cross a new client. I might have the intuition to quickly sort that out, but that didn’t come from  having had years of scenes under my belt, it’s because I live in the moment.  In those moments, those people, those bodies, their rapid heartbeats and baited breath, it shifts my nerves to a more predatory feeling  –  I let it consume me. Your energy feeds mine and tells me everything I need to know. When I speak the right words or tie you up in just the way you were so deeply hoping that I would: it all becomes clear, I just allow myself to live in the moment….and you should too.
You are no more or less prepared to meet me, then I am to meet you. The only difference, is that I am always up for it….but it’s on you to initiate first contact.
Now, shall we get better acquainted?

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