Let me start by saying, before I type even a single sentence that’s sure to utterly drip with anticipation and erotica; that when I write my roleplays and fantasies, I write them just as much as a lifestyle Mistress as I do a Pro Domme. Some things occasionally skirt a personal or professional line depending on who I’m playing with, but ultimately – everything is consensual.
Additionally, I have every respect for the laws of my state and county: given the grey area that BDSM can occasionally reside in, I’d be remiss to mention that everything I write is for fantasy purposes, and on some potentially boundary crossing issues; I have done privately with people who are not visiting me in a professional capacity.
He had been left alone for a while now, the deep and lovely dark of my dungeon offering him a perfect respite from the onslaught of torment, draining and temptation that had plagued him over the last 14 hours. It must have been a haze for him, long windows of silence with only the comfort of my security moniter to keep me occupied, broken by long stints hooded and tortured by the unending pulse, suction and vibration of my various toys of torture. He loved it, though often sweet and genuine please from freedom were overheard in the late evening hours.
He’d be lying if he didn’t confess to reveling in his predicament; being the very willing captive; his session ended the evening prior,  but I was finally making real on my threat to one day abduct him for myself. No calls for help, no escape – his clothes, keys and wallet all separated from him. The only promise I’d keep, would be that he’d make his flight, and that was still another 18 hours away. The sense of dread and excitement was palpable; this man who I’ve played with for over a decade, was experiencing his lifelong fantasy of being a true hostage; my hostage.
His first day went off just beautifully, he flew in for work, did his little meetings and dreamed about what would happen that evening, as men in blue and red ties droned on about spreadsheets, deadlines and synergy. He was very good at his job, perhaps that’s why he was always so bored at these mandatory check ins. They had nothing to offer him, they were reflexive – even the innovative and perfect solutions he spun were concocted off the cuff, no real effort at all. In life, in his job, he was bored…maxed out at the top of his field and no new horizons to get his pulse racing.
He’d spend the better part of these meetings writing me a list; a filthy and shameful list. I’d always hoped a peer would glance over his shoulder or ask what he was doing, but no one ever dared. It was his “Dirty Thirty”, a mandatory offering he’d place at my feet whenever he arrived at my Palace of Pleasure. He’d always have a tinge of guilt in his voice, knowing his list would derail whatever plans I may have in favor of his preferences, but this….this abduction was my exception.
After totally exhausting him with his own requests, he exited the shower to find the dungeon dark and every personal item missing. I was already upstairs, sipping wine from the comfort of my bed, laptop in place as I spoke to him over the 2 way monitor. He was shocked as I explained his situation, but an obvious smile and throbbing erection gave away any hint of genuine protest.
“I will allow you to rest for a while, my sweet’, I explained, dinner will be served to you in a couple of hours, but first you will crawl in my table cage, lock the door, sleep…. while I allow it.
Within minutes he had passed out cold within the gentle embrace of the steel bars. I’ve never seen someone come down from a scene so hard, his breathing – deep and lovely, as his soft snoring echoed through the empty dungeon. He was thousands of miles from home, no one knowing where he was, all of his professionalism, intelligence and social stature amounting to nothing in this perfect moment, and that helplessness was a freedom for him. I hoped I wouldn’t interrupt him when I brought in his meal and instructional letter; a half bottle of wine and the remains of my dinner served in a dog dish. I doubted if he’d even wake to eat this evening, but eventually – his exhaustion would lift and there he’d find my letter.
Only a small torment this evening, just something to build anticipation while I, myself slept off our playtime.
The key to the table cage was frozen in a giant bowl of ice placed just beyond his food. Having done this before, I knew for a fact that it’d take about 6 hours to thaw down to the key….but if he wanted out of the cage to use the restroom, he’d have to figure a way to accelerate the melting of the ice. Body heat should be very effective and I’m sure, depending on his level of desperation, he could get extremely clever in his tactic. I’d enjoy hearing him audibly talk out a solution, hoping for some obvious easy way out, to no avail.
My note was also kind enough to mention that as his captivity went on, I’d be coming down at my leisure to play with him. Whenever he heard a door bell chime, I intended to join him downstairs in 10 minutes, obviously he’d need to prepare for me. Hood himself, cuff hands behind his back and kneel, head down…
Last but not least, just a cautionary addition; I could see and hear everything… if I give instructions for self torture, I expect them to be completed. If I invite my friends over to play with him while I watched remotely – he would obey. Anything that came over my monitor would be taken as law….if he’d like a steady stream of food, water, sleep and release.
This would be me, at my most generous. He would otherwise be forbidden to speak outside of emergencies, eyes always lowered and fully expected to anticipate my wants and needs. I’d not be so straightforward in the coming hours and should I feel in any way unfulfilled or displeased, he’d be punished swiftly, invasively and to exhaustion.
He smiled widely in the direction of the camera, still to discover my note and predicament, as I fell into a blissful sleep.
 …to be continued
Every 6 months or so, I autopublish a version of this blog as my search continues. You see, as much as I am a Professional Dominatrix, I am also a 24/7 Lifestyle Mistress. In my off time, my heart tends to lean towards the satisfaction found in true, genuine, service and devotion. I don’t think I’d be nearly as fulfilled as a Woman if I didn’t have such a thriving stable of collared and very well cherished slaves in my orbit…it’s really just something I’ve always *needed*..
This time of year always makes me think about those varied proximities a bit more. Perhaps it’s all the impromptu family visits or the time taken to reflect on things we’re thankful for, or maybe its the influx of curious clients and certain long term regulars that begin desiring something a little ‘more’, but I see the world around me as being filled with much more ‘possibility’.
After much thought, I’ve decided that I have the room in both my stable and heart for another full time personal slave. I have several full time devotees and one in training, but with lives outside of me, I often find myself well aware of the fact that my days simply have a little room for diversity.
You would think a woman like me would find satisfaction simply in my profession alone, but there’s so much to be said for the depth of connection in an ongoing BDSM dynamic.
Real life D/s relationships on the surface often look like, and typically need to function as; real relationships.
There has to be compatibility: both emotionally and in the dungeon, and there has to be room in your existence for it, but the pure emotional and physical release that comes from all of those things falling into alignment is positively blissful.
Of course, in publicly noting my intentions, it’s vital that I also make sure a healthy does of reality is served along side so that I’m not bombarded by suitors looking for versions of slavery that is different from what *I* personally am seeking.
My desire is never to build up possibility and dash anyone’s hopes to fulfill a life long fantasy, so I’ll start by painting a picture of the conditions my other slaves operate under, as I suspect any new member of my clan will fall under similar situations.
The very basics…
They don’t live with me: I know that’s the fantasy – a 24/7 life lived with your Dominatrix, always clad in leather and always holding a riding crop, but I’m a realist – I need space and my home is my own. I also believe my slaves need their space too. While it might sound sexy, no one would hold up to having a demanding Femme Domme breathing down their neck 24/7 and I certainly don’t intend on wearing a corset all hours of the day.
They are all employed and all contribute to their Mistress – I say this specifically to draw a line between personal slavery and by the hour visits and dissolve the notion that being a personal slave is a free pass to fulfill your fantasies without contributing back in some way.
I don’t support my slaves financially, but rather, they offer a reliable monthly tribute to help sustain, support and contribute to my ability to practice my craft and offer them a special amount of my time outside of bookings. The time they spend with me depends more on their personal schedules then how much their tributes run with only a small correlation, but how their time is ultimately spent with me, is also decided by me.
Not all time I spend with my slaves involves BDSM – In fairness it’s a 50/50 mix. I like enjoying the full width and breath of life with my supplicants. Sure, I’m going to need plenty of time with them in the dungeon, but I also like going out to dinner, running menial errands, going shopping, going on vacation, catching a movie, a coffee or simply making dinner with them at home. I need a rich dynamic that includes both the sugar and spice of daily living. A mental and physical relationship is just as necessary to me as compatibility in the dungeon.
They all have lives and hobbies outside of me – I’ve never believed that when someone is a slave, their every thought should be on service and submission. Honestly, I’d find that sort of dependency a bit suffocating. One of my slaves races cars and has a boat, another writes apps and works out vigorously, another cycles and enjoys studying medicine and music and the last is has a thriving career and loves to travel. Half are married and the other half not – there’s a variety and texture to their lives that keep them balanced  and I require that sort of personal complexity in any suitor who wants to find themselves in my company. I need things to talk about with you – hobbies to enjoy with you – a life outside of me.
They are all incredibly kind, versatile, thoughtful, generous and not the slightest bit jealous of each other – I’m a nurturer at heart, not prone to drama or conflict. I like slaves of a similar frame of mind, those who don’t feel strained to put someone else above themselves, and to not have constant expectations or demands of what their lives should be like. As individuals, I recognize they all have their own unique wants and needs, and as a Top – I strive to strike a balance so everyone is as happy, content and fulfilled as possible. That said, I couldn’t bring anyone into my fold that would disrupt that balance.
It can be a hard thought for some, that I demand monogamy as a Mistress (as in you can have other sexual relationships or be married, but no other Mistress) while I am free to have as many partners of any form as I’d like, but there are many of you out there who would agree a Mistress is free to do as she wishes and wouldn’t think any other way.
Now, if all of that speaks to you on a deeper level, beyond a passing fantasy or something you might grow out of once the novelty wears off – I’d encourage you to make that known to me. I am looking for life partners here and I know this will take time and patience. Talking about it doesn’t change our dynamic at all, it simply opens a door of possibility.
Logistics being what they are, I tend to choose individuals that I’m already seeing on a professional basis, that’s not exclusive to people I’ve already met, but I wouldn’t encourage anyone to seek me out professionally ONLY because they are hoping that will come to be something *more* in the future.
I can’t force, promise or lead anyone on that a relationship is definitely going to happen, it simply has to be genuine and thoroughly organic.
With those thoughts lingering in the universe, and my very wide net now cast, I start my day with a cheerful optimism that before long, some deeper connections may start to form and my loving kinky family one member stronger.
And of course, if you are drawn to this post but have a question or two, by all means – let’s talk. Perhaps an intimate conversation held in the appropriate atmosphere of my dungeon is needed to help you explore what’s on your mind.

Koi and I met over a scene with a mutually beloved play partner. Lustful and enigmatic, the chemistry was instant; her vibrance in scene, deep penetrative sexuality and raw intensity for ‘more’ pulled me in to her immediately in a way that can be said for few people. She’s disarming, but effortlessly made my heart beat faster; I can only imagine how the two of us would make you feel while pinned to a bondage chair.

While admittedly, my crush was instant, more so, my respect for this woman left me speechless in the midst of our chaotic and enthusiastic divergence. She is passionate and in every sense of the word, a true Goddess in flesh, making each moment spent with her utterly magical and addictive.

That said, I am SO proud to say after a little flirtation and a flutter of excited emails, this lovely Goddess is now among my available duo partners!!!!




Go ahead and pick your jaws up off the floor.

If you don’t know about her yet (it’s because you live under a rock). A sensual chameleon, both Dominant, submissive and achingly erotic – she’s everything she needs to be as the moment strikes. I have no doubt you poor boys will be left utterly unable to remember your last name’s once she and I are done with you….and for those who are curious about switching yourselves; Koi is the perfect companion to help guide you to those more stern curiosities.


Personally, diverse as she is in her methods, I will always prefer the vision of her in leathers with a thick strap on belted around her perfectly sculpted  hips. In case it was somehow not abundantly clear, women in positions of power are simply what makes the world a better place.




Now, if you’re ready to be turned completely inside out, drop me an email. Let’s see if we can’t make the whole world melt away together.


Disclaimer: Koi is an independent provider, as are all of my kinky cohorts. Her rates, schedule and offerings are self set and available here on her website: https://www.illicitadventures.com/



It seems these days, that Leavenworth is my sweet and devilish little home away from home. Nestled just outside the city, it’s the perfect hideaway where I steal off to from time to time, sweet victim in tow, destined for either my private cabin in the middle of nowhere or my plush yet still incredibly discreet hotel lodge in the middle of town. Whenever I crave some much-needed immersion, or whenever I’m sweetly asked to completely shift someone’s paradigm – this is my first destination.

It started with a crisp early morning, having spent the previous evening playing until neither of us could stand or form complete sentences, I awoke with my playmate still tied on the floor – a flurry of rope and toys surrounding him. Left sweetly in the position I left him, he slept in the most exhaustive, bliss induced state. I was careful tip toeing around the room as I prepped for my early run; I wanted to wake him in a silent ambush, only long enough to attach him to my cruel Venus 2000 before sprinting out the door, before he really knew what hit him and before he could fully wake up and register what had happened – I was off down the hall. While I waited for the elevator, I could hear the faint suction of the motor, undetectable to any casual passerby, but my face curled into an evil smile knowing the agony such a machine can produce in such a short amount of time. I’m sure the first few minutes it ‘serviced’ him were very sweet indeed…..

The mountain air was so refreshing, I must have been out there for ages exploring the winding park and lingering for coffee before taking my sweet time to return to the room. I was in no rush, his suffering is why we’re here, and each moment I can make him tremble is a welcome diversion from his typical run away train of thoughts. He was very much the shivering mess I had hoped for when I got back, all too happy to hear my key pressing against the door… He knew before I left, that I had not given him any instructions about releasing, so he bravely fought against all climactic urges. It was so sweet to see his relieved face and slight swell of pride in knowing I wouldn’t have to punish him, I joked as I hit the off switch that he really wasted the opportunity here: while he didn’t have permission to ‘enjoy’ this too much, he also wasn’t forbidden….

Had I not left him gagged, I’m sure he would have been delivering a very well rehearsed plea for mercy, but I wasn’t in the mood for him to feel relief. No not for a very….very long time.

Cruel though I am, I untied him long enough to allow him to worship my sweaty yoga pants and freshly worn in socks over coffee, a fitting reward for his excellent control. Having someone’s face eagerly pressed against my, sweet, sweaty body is the type of sensation I find impossible to put to words: erotic, hungered for, lusted after – these are close, but it’s so much more provocative. To know someone wants you, really aches for you….that’s raw sexuality there. The sun had barely risen and already I’m feeling like the most desired Goddess of to ever walk the earth. His need for me, made me crave his suffering even more, I wonder if he actually knew that.

He pressed his face optimistically closer to my naked skin, hoping to burrow through the thin cotton separating my inner thighs and his face; an aphrodisiac intoxication taking over him as he nuzzled; his sculpted face a perfect seat as he decided in unequal measure what he needed more, precious oxygen or the scent of my pheromones filling him up. Knowing he’d happily turn blue before pulling away from me, I sent him to prepare my bath, the deep tub and adjoining room was a perfect set up to test his devotion to service and attention to detail.

He knew all too well that how he behaved in these early morning moments would set the tone for his treatment the entire day, so his best behavior was on full display despite the agonizing and obvious throb between his legs. As I settled into the oversized bath, perfumed bubbles pooling around my silky skin, my captive began to shave my legs with Olympic style focus, each stroke calculated and smooth, arching over each porcelain curve until I was perfectly smooth to his desperate touch. The background over his shoulder – the small town of Leavenworth was just waking up, stores opening and people slowly filtering in to start vacations. Little would they guess, that just a few rooms down from theirs, a woman holds a trembling man on a tight leash – balls still exquisitely blue from his morning treatment, preparing his Domina for the day.

They’d have no idea that once bathed, I’d bend him over and fill him with his morning enema before sending him down the hall for bottled water, smirking as he raced back and pleaded for the bathroom which I would coyly deny until his face burned as red as my chosen lipstick of the day.

They’d have no idea why he fidgeted so much over lunch; ass paddled perfectly red, remote vibrating butt plug deeply inserted; he had no way to find a comfortable position to sit, perhaps they assumed he was anxious, or maybe they wouldn’t give it a second thought as they returned to their own afternoon routine.

They certainly had no idea the pure fear my boy had in his heart when I suggested a midnight walk in the woods; which ended with him deviously cross dressed to the nines, gagged and handcuffed while I made him walk alongside my car down a long winding road for any passers-by (there were none) to discover his predicament.

No…we blended in perfectly, hidden in plain sight. Despite everything, we couldn’t help but notice outside of what we were doing, how very vanilla the world can be. Trips to the ice cream store or one extra round of beer being the ‘highlight’ of the day in stark contrast to the dildo roulette I played with my prisoner shortly before our evening ended. For all the trappings of excitement and promise, the world can be a very boring place, unextraordinary, dull and monotone unless forcibly given depth and dimension.

There’s much more I could say about how I spent my week, but some secrets are best kept for the pleasure of those involved. Though I know some of you are already sitting there, wishing this captive was you, agreeing with the flatness of daily reality amidst a sea of possibility, and probably harboring those thoughts for a while now. At some point my sweet reader, you have to truly have to ask yourself…why isn’t it you?

Don’t you think at some point, you’ve earned a reason to have a wicked smile on your face? Sure, we can’t all leave life behind for a few days to dive in this deeply – but a few hours… you have no excuse to simply envy that.


Let’s talk…..



TNA Username: VictoriaRage
Service Type: Fetish
Outcall: Incall
Gender: Female
Body type: Curvy
Accurate Pics?: Exact Match
Name: Victoria Rage
Phone Number: (206)795-4188
Email: victoria.rage@yahoo.com
Affiliation: Independent
Age: 29
Height: 5’5″
Ethnicity: European
Hair color: Black
Hair Length: Shoulder length
Eyes: Brown
Bust size: DD Cup
Feet: Nice and Dainty
Smoker?: No
Fetishes (YMMV): BDSM, Dominant, CBT
Date of Meeting: 07/13/2017
Overall Experience: 5 Stars

I want to start off by saying that I am not the medias version of the “stereotypical” submissive male. I don’t have a high-profile job with some fortune 500 company. I am not wealthy attorney or doctor who can’t cope with the pressures of his job so I pay for a professional dominatrix to beat and humiliate me. I am just a regular guy who is naturally submissive who is drawn to dominant woman. I have a very low profile job with a little pressure. I don’t like to be in control and prefer not to be. While I am not a wimp and will stand up for myself and have a sharp edge of a Scorpio, a truly dominant woman can bring me to my knees with just the look in her eye or the tone in her voice.
Let me tell you about my experience with Mistress Victoria Rage and our first session together.
I have been involved in the D/s lifestyle since 1990 and have seen some of the biggest Dommes in the United States. I have had one 24/7 Mistress and a few D/s relationships that were on again off again. Mistress Victoria is by far the best professional Dominatrix I have ever visited.
I discovered Mistress Victoria when I was planning for my vacation in Seattle. I did a search for Pro Dommes in the Seattle Metropolitan area and clicked on the link to her web site, sent her an email and within 48 hours she responded to my inquiry about her services. We briefly corresponded back and forth via email over the course of a few weeks then I set date and time for our session.
I arrived 20 minutes early for our 4:30 session. So, I called her cell number to see if it was permitted to arrive early. She immediately put me in my place in a swift and firm manner instructing me wait down the street at a local restaurant, which I did. I left the restaurant at 4:20 and arrived at her door at precisely 4:30 as instructed.
Mistress Victoria opened the door and greeted me in a warm and friendly manner by inviting me inside and asking me to sit and talk to her for a moment. We chatted for a few minutes, discussed my limits, likes/dislikes and safe words. She then instructed me to disrobe and our session began.
Out of respect for Mistress Victoria, I am not going to go into detail regarding the events of our session or what she wore. However, I will tell you this, Mistress Rage is a truly beautiful, intelligent, dominant Woman who knew exactly how to bring me to my knees, make me weak and keep me in my place. She has a quiet yet powerful presence….a quiet charisma if you will…She is dripping with confidence which I personally find extremely hot. She did not scream at me. She did not need to use vulgar language. She did not beat me into submission. She basically crawled inside my head and took control with her actions, her attitude and her creativity. I was a pile of goo within moments just from listening to her beautifully proper voice make love to my ears through the tight leather hood that she laced onto my head.
After our session, she took time to make sure I had returned to my senses…I had descended into a deep, deep in sub space. Once I got dressed she took more time to speak to me, reassure me and make sure I had returned to earth. With my feet, firmly on the ground we hugged and I left.
Mistress Victoria Rage treated me with respect,…when needed lol, was kind when she needed to be kind and cruel when she knew it would get her the most pleasure. One of the greatest things I experienced with her was how she seemed to appreciate me as a submissive, masochist and a fetishist. I have never felt that with any other Professional Dominatrix ever, anywhere at any time. Her dungeon is in a safe neighborhood and is immaculate. It has just about every torture device to tantalize your submissive soul.
Mistress Victoria Rage, thank You for my time with You. i am eternally grateful that You allowed me to be in Your presence and look forward to serving You in any way that makes You happy and Your life easier.

I have to admit, I’ve been sparse for ideas lately for this blog.
Faithfully writing for over 6 years on every topic revolving around kink that my wicked mind can come up with, sometimes leaves me starting at a blank screen. Tonight however, a fresh topic presented itself – and one that I’ve never quite zero’d in on in any sense for those visiting a dominatrix….

How to calm your nerves BEFORE you knock on her door!

Yeah yeah, I’ve written about working up the courage to play, and I recognize that’s never easy, but tonight as I sit, having just cleaned up my dungeon for a session I’ve just had to decline – I feel annoyed, time wasted, but this is a VERY teachable moment.
So, before I jump into some helpful hints, let me tell you what just happened…
A brand new visitor experienced a very common and human moment, getting VERY nervous about the idea of knocking on my door, so much so, that he found himself turning to happy hour at a nearby bar; not 40 minutes before arriving for his piercing session. He emailed me to simply let me know, and welcomed me to join. Now, I don’t know this gentleman – and he didn’t *ask* me if I’d mind; rather he just informed me that he’s going to have a few drinks before our meeting.
Now, it’s pretty well-known that booze and BDSM don’t mix, especially with any form of blood play and ESPECIALLY if I haven’t met you. You’re still a stranger from the internet coming to my very private, guarded space. Respect and polite presentation will keep us mutually safe.
So what can you do if you’re starting to feel unreasonably anxious before a booking? I’ve got some ideas for you, but first just take a breath…anxiety is normal and you’re going to be JUST fine!
1) Turn fear into excitement! Go back to your chosen Top’s website or social media account and indulge yourself in some sexy photos, maybe even some self tease and denial. Remind yourself of how much fun you’re going to have and why you picked them in the first place!
2) Use logic!  Most people research a LOT before jumping into something like this, remember that you’ve likely chosen this person to get naughty with you because you have a lot in common, because you approved of her skill level, reviews, reputation and play space. She’s not a totally foreign entity to you and probably has a traceable web presence. Put your trust in her presence and skill!
3) If you have the time, distract yourself! Run some errands, watch some porn, do literally anything else but dwell on unsettled nerves! Some people are wired to worry, but you control how much focus you put into those feelings. If you can accomplish something else with that tightly wound energy, why not!
4) Call her.  Seriously. In the case above, if my client were so scared to knock on my door that he needed to inebriate to take the edge off, I would have liked a chance to take 5-10 minutes to quell those feelings and reset the course. Sex workers are AMAZING at putting you at ease, if you need to tap into that – most would welcome that option. Communication and positive rapport really build a foundation for incredible scenes!
5) Rehearse dialog and requests. Even if you’ve emailed with her, she’s likely going to sit you down and ask you’re likes and dislikes in more detail, injuries, allergies and maybe a few other things. She’s trying to decode you in a matter of minutes to give you a highly tailored and attuned scenario. If you want to get the most out of your playtime; open up and tell her! It’ll be MUCH easier to think it through and give great answers if she’s not staring at you with thigh high boots and a plunging neckline. Make that hyper focus benefit you in the best way possible!
Of course, even the most well prepared partner will still feel a racing pulse as he approaches her doorstep, but just remember – the domination has already begun! She has you quivering yet complying, and THAT sort of power exchange is simply intoxicating enough in itself.

Dearest Readers,

Today’s blog post I write from my gorgeous sunny back yard, procrastinating a bit on moving forward with some much needed work on my yard and garage, I suddenly realize there’s no better time to expand a bit on some thoughts I’ve had this season – than literally RIGHT NOW. (can you tell I don’t want to weed today?)  With new clients starting to take hold of their sexual destinies, novices coming out of the woodwork and seasoned clients begging for the next step – it’s really time I sit down and address some common fears and questions that daily float through my inbox. Hopefully, for those of you out there wrestling with nerves or self doubt, I can put some of those rampant worries to rest here.


So without further procrastination….





1. We REALLY DO want you to have fun.

I know the common theme in BDSM is that you’re coming to us to be punished, tormented, violated or degraded (or something on a softer scale), but regardless of what images pop to mind when you think ‘Dominatrix’; we don’t want to crush you into dust. Even if we’re doing some questionable and obscure things with your flesh – we’re playful creatures and we want you to like what’s happening! Ultimately we’re here to facilitate your personal exploration in whatever form that takes.


2. Your nervousness is charming, but really not necessary.

Maybe it’s just me, but I adore the sight of a man who’s slightly trembling, don’t you? But trust me, we aren’t about to eat your alive and we’re experts on making you feel comfortable right off the bat. We completely understand that it can be nerve wrecking to come into a strangers studio, openly share the most intimate parts of your sexuality and within moments be ready to entrust us with your bodies to navigate the dark waters of kink.  More than anything, we want you to feel at ease and comfortable with yourself, with us and with your interests; so most professional sex workers are pretty adept at helping you get over any jitters you might have. Don’t think for a second we’re going to allow your anxiety to get in the way of our good time! If we can see your anxiety is hindering you, we’ll adapt to make you comfortable.


3. We really don’t have a preference for age, race, personality, stamina, body type, physical abilities, lifestyle or other  characteristics.

Really, truthfully, and from the bottom of my heart I say this…

Most sex workers don’t have any sort of preference or leaning to one ‘type’ of person or another when to comes to our clients. What we care about is how much fun we’re going to have with you – okay and hygiene and politeness count pretty high too. Don’t think you need to ‘perfect’ yourself before you offer up your body for play. You’re wonderful just as you are!


4. We don’t expect you to plan your own session, but we LOVE when you bring ideas to the table.

If you’re new, believe me, we aren’t expecting you to have a mapped out idea of how you’d like your scene to go. We just need a hint as to what you’re most curious for. After that, we’re here to fill in those blanks for you.
After that intro scene, we adore when our returning clients come to us with inspiration! It can be hard over time to constantly come up with new and creative ways to play if you become a solid regular, but keeping things fresh by letting us know how your interests are evolving is a massive and much welcome help!…and no, we don’t see that as topping from the bottom.


5. Dommes are real women.

Most of us have very normal lives outside of this and aren’t looking to poach every single client for our own live in harem of slaves. We don’t hate men, don’t live the easiest life imaginable and certainly don’t feel self entitled because we’re “Alpha’s” by profession or any other stereotypical nonsense like that. Pro Dommes are hard working people who put in a lot of effort to running a businesses – just like you do. I assure you, outside of the dungeon, we have a very healthy view of the world and in all other ways, function as creative but fully integrated members of society.


6. We enjoy your connection, but we are only your Domme ‘professionally’.

Unless you’ve been personally invited into the private world of your Mistress, just remember that you’re initially soliciting a Mistress for her ability to expand your horizons – on a professional level. You responded to her advertisement and you chose her based on her looks, her offerings, her tribute and her presentation: not for her hopes, dreams, personality or life goals (and we know this). As your trust and relationship deepens, just remember to keep your feet on the ground. It’s entirely natural to feel devoted and personal with your Dominatrix, but never forget that you didn’t meet her on e-harmony and most of us have a firm policy on not dating our clients. We don’t want to life the veil and explain why something ‘further’ might not be possible, so just keep your expectations in perspective.


7. Most dungeons are relatively safe places to be.

There’s a reason most people go to a pro when they have something they want to act out; it’s because we’re skilled, equipped and clean. Now, this isn’t true in EVERY dungeon, but in most; you can count on a HIGH level of care and professionalism. We go to great lengths to ensure your safety in all ways, and that includes using quality toys/tools, learning correct practices and always sterilizing things after each and every visitor. If you look close enough, most practitioners are more than happy to tell you *exactly* what their process is to ensure safety and sanitation. If you’re curious or have doubts – just ask! You have the right to know how the equipment used on you is kept and handled.


8. We want you to stay focused and in the moment.

You can check your phone, talk about your kids/work or mentally plan your grocery list any other time….but not with us. Don’t be surprised, offended or disappointed if we try to keep your head in the game and stray away from discussions that don’t have to do with the naughty fun we’re trying to share with you. This is OUR time; unless there’s an emergency, everything else can wait.


9. We can really keep a secret!

I heard a joke along time ago that there are three types of people in this world you can tell your secrets too. Your priest, your lawyer and your sex worker. It’s true, in all instances what we do requires secrecy. It’s not a privilege, that would be appreciated… It’s a stone cold demand. We’ve got no interest in sharing the details of what happens behind closed doors with anyone else. Not just for your sake, but for our own as well. We believe that EVERYONE has the right to keep their private business private; and a huge part of what we do is treating you with the same amount of discretion as we expect in return. Consider our lips sealed!


10. But, you still need to be cautious.

This should be obvious, but please don’t save our numbers to your phone under any obvious heading (Miss V, Domina, etc), delete your emails and don’t text anything you wouldn’t want your friends or significant other reading.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been contacted by someones girlfriend, wife or buddy because my client happened to forget to hide or remove incriminating correspondence from their email or phone. While I gave nothing away and played ‘dumb’ about who those clients were, we really don’t appreciate having our own privacy violated like that – and having to deal with an upset, curious, questioning or threatening individual at the same time. Keep a clean trail and you won’t have anything to answer for!


11. We know you’re not all named John.

It’s shocking I know, but after my first dozen or so clients – I realized that it’s statistically impossible for you to ALL be John, Mike or Mark. You don’t need to give us your real first name if that makes you uncomfortable, but if you insist on using a terribly common moniker, be aware that we won’t be able to tell who you are when you call or email.

On the note of names, if you choose a fake name, stick to it… We don’t mind, but nothing confuses us more then when you’re John when you call, Josh when you email and Craig when you knock on the door. At some point, we’ll just revert to calling you ‘darling’ because we’ve got no clue what form of address you prefer.

Pro Tip: it’s totally cool to introduce yourself by the name of your favorite character, actor, singer or anything like that…. I’d love to dominate a Marcellus Wallace one of these days.


12. We can use your time however you’d like.

No two clients like to use their time in the dungeon the same way, but if you book 2 hours, you’re welcome to use those 2 hours any way you’d like! Really – we won’t insist on any particular pace and we tend to stick to a common formula (10 minutes talk/prep, then play, 10-15 minutes aftercare/shower/post scene chat) if you don’t specify another way.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a talk only or play only scene so long as you stay within the hours you’ve scheduled so don’t be afraid to speak up if you have a certain way you like to indulge!


13. We appreciate it when you respect our private lives. 

Being so terribly and immediately intimate with a stranger can be a bit tricky, so many sex workers compartmentalize things in order to keep ‘work’ and ‘life’ vastly separate. We don’t mean to offend or keep you at an unnecessary distance; but for the same reasons you may not expand on the details of your day to day lives; we prefer the same privacy. Unless either side volunteers information, it’s best neither of us pry.


14. If we cancel your appointment, please don’t take it personally. 

When you’re the thrill someone’s been looking forward to after a long day or week, we know how much of a downer it can be when we need to cancel or move our appointment. We don’t want to let you down, so we try at all costs to avoid that whenever possible.

However, if we’re sick, low energy or something pops up, we may elect to reach out to you so as to ensure we’re at 100% for our precious time together. We know you work hard for your money and that you trust and value the respite and excitement we offer; so it’s not fair to take your tribute just because we can if we’re not every bit the focused, erotic and Dominant woman you’ve come to expect. If we contact you to move our date a bit, it’s not because we don’t want to play with you – it’s just because we’re not physically or mentally ready and able to rock your world.


15. Our compliments can be genuine!

There’s a cliche in sex work, but not all of us give empty compliments to our playmates. If we say something – we mean it. Don’t be too quick to write our words off because this is a professional exchange. There’s still a living breathing woman under all the leather and latex and sometimes, she has some nice things to say to and about her visitors….and sometimes she thinks you need to hear them!


16. We really don’t judge.

As long as you’re a gentleman; what you say, how you act and what you enjoy isn’t going to change our view of you at all. If you’re a day to day 9-5, well polished, professional business and family man, I’m not going to see you differently when you tell me you like to be diapered, fisted and tied in an exposing position. You can be all of those wonderful things, with a vibrant erotic life. That’s totally okay! Your kinks don’t define you as a person.


17. We can only read what you express.

Have you ever wondered how your Mistress always seems to do just the right thing at just the right time? When to whisper something controlling into your ear or deliver that next perfectly placed cane stroke?

Well frankly my dear, it’s because we tend to play with very emotive partners – and we LOVE when you’re responsive! Having someone writhe and moan beneath you as you conquer every inch of their body is incredibly intoxicating to us. Not only does it serve as pure gasoline for your Femme Domme’s fire, it also let’s us know how you’re receiving that interaction (when it’s good, bad or overwhelming) and having that sort of physical dialog helps us read you like an open book. You don’t have to keep your mouth shut while you suffer (or enjoy) our ministrations. Make a little noise; help us read you!


18.  We really don’t mind if you’re a novice or still feeling out if BDSM is right for you. 

Not every client we see knows definitively whether or not they’re actually kinky. You can be brand new or even just mildly curious and still have a great time in our dungeon – we won’t be bored with your questions or hesitance! Sure, playing with a partner who’s done this for a while does have its merits, but we absolutely LOVE being the one to break you in if we happen to be your first Dominatrix.


19. No, BDSM isn’t all about pain – pain free sessions absolutely exist – and yes, we like those too!

Don’t worry, we don’t have a one track mind and we aren’t bent on making you endure a session you’re not interested in. We love softer scenes and there’s a SLEW of things we can do that are more focused on other forms of domination, pleasure and control. Every now and then it’s massively fun for us to tone things down and facilitate something a bit more sensuous. Remember, we are very multifaceted creatures, even if that isn’t immediately apparent!


20. We are happy with our daily lives.

While all of this stays professional for the safety and sanity for everyone involved, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to really enjoying my visitors and regulars. I’ve met some of the most wonderful, thoughtful, entertaining and lovely people that I’d not have otherwise crossed paths with, and I’m so grateful we have the time together that we do. I look forward to your visits, truly and genuinely and I think of you (or rather what I’d like to do to you) when you’re not here. You are more then just a list of visitors I’m seeing this week, you’re my kinky friends and pervy pets – and I’m so thankful for your existence.

Now, on that note, it’s time for me to slip back into my sandals and sunglasses and get some work done, but you bet your sweet well spanked asses that as I pluck these weeks, I’ll be thinking of plucking all of you instead!