So, I’ve known about Mistress Matisse and her magical trail blazing ways for years; BDSM Icon, Writer, Educator, Activist and about a hundred other accolades you could pin to her corset; she’s the ‘go-to’ gal for all things erotic and wonderful here in Seattle – and this is just a fact. Never one to simply sit back on her Empire and relax, she’s gotten together with a seriously skilled coalition of individuals to create something exceptional for us to enjoy in the bedroom. (She’s such a giver!)
I had the chance to sit down with her very recently to talk about that new product (soon to be product line), Velvet Swing, and how its been a game changer for women’s orgasms! Still brand spanking new, but spreading like wild-fire, this particular lube is supposed to be the end-all, be-all for the 80% of women who are sensitive to its ingredients. Basically, for a large portion of the population – it promises to make you cum harder, longer and better. Do I have your undivided attention?
Now, I’m not one to endorse anything outright, so I went and picked up a bottle (available here) and decided to see if I was one of those luck 80%. Who wouldn’t?
This is a cannabis based lube but will NOT have mentally intoxicating effects if used as vaginally (orally and anally WILL intoxicate), so I slid into bed, applied as directed and waited a few minutes (okay maybe more like 30 – longer than I needed to but I found a great vid on pornhub). The first thing I did notice was a very obvious but pleasant tingling, it wasn’t distracting or numbing but more like a sensation of a thousand fingers gently touching me; I locked on to that fantasy and started The Real Test….
Now normally, I can get off pretty quickly, easily and as much as I’d like, with the first orgasm being the strongest and subsequent experiences trickling down in intensity, like most multi orgasmics, until they’re an exhausted flicker. I had hoped, at most, this lube might make those subsequent explosions a little more vivid.
Instead, the first one was absolutely primal! There’s no other way to say it, I didn’t get off with just my lovely lady bits, but my entire core! It was fuller, definitely a full couple of seconds longer and honestly left me totally ‘done’. I’m sure if I waited a bit to recover, I could have hopped right back on that horse and gone again, but I was so stunned that and gratified that I didn’t try; further testing in various ways is clearly needed!
So, in conclusion, this is now an official staple for me in the bedroom (and hell, I’ll be carrying it in my purse, my car, I’ll have spares on me at all times!) While this product is aimed mostly at female identified individuals; results have been reported by the manufacturer in men as well, including longer sustained pleasure and very often, a very strong ‘fuller’ climax. Believe me, they’re aiming towards something male specific too; but as you might expect from a Dominatrix; ladies first!
In the meantime, if you’d like to roll the dice and see just what your erotic body is capable of or perhaps give the lady in your personal life a seriously amplified orgasm – stop by one of the many shops currently carrying Velvet Swing or start exploring for more information, reviews and updates on their website or social media.
*Not available online
*Currently only sold in Wa
*Disclaimer: This blog posting is simply my personal opinion. I have not been paid, bribed or even asked for my commentary. This is my experience with a product that I deeply enjoyed. I’m not a doctor, scientist or wizard; just a woman who likes to cum hard.

Another year, another excuse to celebrate like the hedonistic libertine that I am (as though I really need an excuse?)
Blowing out candles lodged deeply into the orifices of my slaves, paintball wars featuring my Femme Domme friends and our unarmed, naked playmates in the woods and a host of unwholesome, yet thoroughly satisfying misdeeds will signal the celebration of yet another Birthday. And so, now that my 30 day countdown to July 19th begins, I’m once again easing into the annual tradition of using the next month to indulge my every whim and desire with absolute reckless abandon which really sets the tone for the entire year to come.
It comes in perfect timing as only recently I threw myself headfirst into a kid in a candy store style shopping spree, loading up on new toys, new rubber outfits, various forms of confinement and contraptions I’d somehow not yet seen or snatched up, and it’s begun pouring in piece by piece! That sadistic overwhelming energy has started bubbling up inside me to a breaking point with each new package left on my doorstep.
As busy as I normally am, especially this time of year, what I always want most is to spend time playing with those I enjoy playing with in the dungeon. As life and obligation often make this a tricky time of year for my favorite visitors to sneak away, I encourage you to make your excuses and sacrifice yourself body and mind for this celebratory occasion. What more can any Dominatrix want than to dish out her favorite torments on those she adores most?
Though, if you’re the sentimental type who’s inclined to send your well wishes my way or simply offer a polite token of gratitude, I do have some specific ‘wants’ this year should anyone be so tempted to indulge me….
Keeping in mind that NONE of this are expected, nor really even encouraged, I’m blessed to have thoughtful suitors who have already started to ask what I may be most happy to receive and for once, I’m going to get VERY specific.
1. Donations to animal shelters or adopting an animal for yourself in my honor.
(Animal Hope & Wellness, ASPCA or Seattle Humane Society – preferred charities)
Anyone who really knows me beyond my whips and razor-esque attitude will know that I have a soft spot for animals; helping them is serving me.
2. Latex – I need more, but I can’t settle on a ‘what’. Gift certificates to WestwardBound, Regulation Latex or unique bondage items, vac beds/bags, unusual rubberized bondage are all at the top of my ‘must have’ list.
While I’d think this is more service oriented than humiliating, I can see the designers intent and can easily imagine having any number of devoted pets locked in tight predicament bondage while stumbling around the dungeon attempting to clean up or stand by in service with this tightly poised in their mouth.
4. The Gift Of Travel
This is a hard one to give, but if you’re sitting on Alaska Airlines Miles, hotel vouchers or simply a good old-fashioned gift card (Hotels.com or Alaska Air), I’d be a very happy recipient. Please note that I’m unwilling to offer my personal details for any such transfer for obvious privacy and discretion. Direct tributes specifically for trips are also warmly accepted.
5. Items from Regulation
Yes, I mentioned them in my quest for rubber, but they’re much more than a purveyor of latex. Actually, they have EVERYTHING and I have an invitation only list to share with anyone curious to browse. Contact me for details.
Truly and seriously, no one need bring or send me anything because another year has passed. While that does seem to be the impulse, especially with those who feel submissive to me in particular; just know that I already feel very special just to have you in my life.
I know that I’m blessed to simply have such an enjoyable career, lovely playmates and such a wonderful audience. Your attention and devotion is all I really *need* in my life, and I am endlessly pleased to have it. I hope July ends up being as wonderful a month for all of you as it is bound to be for me. Here’s to many reasons for us all to celebrate and many photos of the wicked fun to come!


I’ll come right out and say it, I love novices.

Admittedly, with my schedule often dominated by my dearly beloved regulars, I don’t have as much time as I used to for such appointments. However, this month I’ve been graced with some thoroughly amazing encounters featuring brand spankin’ new playmates. Let me tell you, it’d just been the most revitalizing experience.
I’ve always had a particular place in my heart for the nervous newbie, and that stems from a certain bit of confidence I have in my ability to help people be a bit more self accepting. Despite all appearances, I’m a nurturer at heart and seeing someone embrace that part of themselves for the first time, and being able to facilitate that, simple makes my heart swell.
You have to admit, there’s something romantic about taking a reluctant, shy or simply inexperienced partner and creating the moment that makes them eager to dig a little deeper within themselves. For that reason alone, the way I structure a first appointment is like no other…and for any of you teetering on the decision of taking the plunge with me, let me break that down for you a bit.
At its core, a first time scene structurally consists of putting you at ease with me, helping you feel accepted in your sexuality, and then taking whatever fantasies or interests you have and giving them to you exactly; all within the bounds of you comfort level. In that sense, a first appointment is unlike any other. I’m here to take you where you need to go, where you might have been waited ages to go. I want to satisfy the long held urge, to indulge the curiosity, to show you that fantasy and reality can often intertwine just beautifully and give you a taste for more… that’s the point. Unless of course, your kink IS to be pushed to your very edge from the beginning!

All the boundary pushing, edging towards distant, deviant goals and heavier play can come later. The first time, the deflowering,  it’s all about pure unadulterated satisfaction. It can be nerve wrecking to build up the courage to contact me in the first place, but whatever imagined intensities and fears that keep you from reaching out; you can safely set them aside.


Those scenes are pure joy for me! While my playmate is reveling in that gratification, I get to sit back and absorb all that beautiful energy. Absolutely everything I do to them is virgin territory, I am their first and I get to be the one to share those incredibly personal and meaningful moments. It’s bliss….and I eat it up like candy.

I’ve made a point for a while now to mention in various ads and portions of my website, that you don’t need experience to come see me. Those seem to be comforting words and I’m glad for that. Everyone starts somewhere and there’s no measure of experience one must have to be considered “ready” to visit a Pro Domme. You are fine just as you are…Really, in every sense!


Believe me my dear virginal suitors, even I, after all these years, still have a flutter in my heart when I cross a new client. I might have the intuition to quickly sort out what they need and how they need it to be given, but this isn’t because I’ve had years of scenes under my belt, it’s because I live in the moment and in those moments, those people, their bodies, their rapid heartbeats and baited breath, tell me everything I need to know when I speak the right words or tie them up in just the way they were so deeply hoping that I would: it all becomes clear.
You are no more or less prepared to meet me, then I am to meet you. The only difference, is that I am always up for it….but it’s on you to initiate first contact.
Now, shall we get better acquainted?
The slick sensual friction of latex, covering my body – and yours – bound tightly in a pose that forces to watch my rubber clad form surround you, preying on your lustful, hungry, glances.
You struggle in my sleep sack, or rubber straight jacket, my hoods encasing your face, forcing you to breathe the intoxicating scent . It’s almost too much for you, but yet everything you need; you squirm to no avail, forced to surrender….
The fantasy of the rubber fetishist is often, at it’s core, quite simple – it’s a need – a longing to be a creature enveloped in shiny second skin. Sleek and tight, perfectly glistening and crinkling with every measured motion, it’s truly one of the most encompassing of kinks – and naturally by extension, it’s become one of my deepest obsessions.
As you might have noticed, over the past few years, my collection of all things tight and shiny has grown dramatically, to the point where I think a post detailing some of my specialty equipment is in order… I can’t tell you how many sweet suitors have scoured my site to read up on what I have in store, only to be VERY pleasantly surprised that what they read, only scratched the surface…. This definitely leads me to believe that not only am I being a bit too modest on what lies in my opulently adorned play space, but I am leaving out quite a bit of potential and went fantastic explorations might be possible…and that simply will not do!
So, you’re curious enough to keep reading, likely already imagining the impossibly tight fabric crawling over every inch of you; let me spike your appetite and let your mind wander just a bit more.


A look inside…

Rubber Body Bag
Rubber Inflatable Bondage Bag
Rubber Straight Jacket Body Bag
Rubber Straight Jacket
Rubber Mummification Bag with Access Holes
Full Isolation Rubber Hood w/ optional breath play holes
Latex Vac Bed (currently awaiting repair)
7 Latex Fitted Latex Hoods
2 Specialty Heavy Duty Rubber Gas Masks
6 Rubber Gas Masks
6 Heavy  Rubber Bondage Straps
50 Ft of Rubberized Rope
3 Rubber Gags
1 Inflatable Rubber Gag
2 Breath Play Rubber Gags
1 Cock Gag
2 Rubber Suction Pumps
5 Rubber Urethral Prods
2 Rubberized C**k Rings
Rubber Venus 2000 Sleeves
Rubber Gloves
…and of course, a personal wardrobe with enough latex to dress an entire All Girls Catholic School!
So, whether you’ve been curious to try rubber play or simply know this is already right up your alley and want to dive into an extraordinary collection – I have all the gleaming toys and tools to rival just about any collection around…. and more than enough expertise to help you melt other kinky leanings into this particular fetish with absolute shiny seamless precision.


Shall we indulge?



4 years ago, I shared a blog post detailing the ‘how to’s’ and ‘how to not make a mess’, regarding anal play.

Funny enough, it became one of my most popular posts! Being reblogged and shared as a guide across other platforms and provider websites, I was very happy to be able to shed some light on a tricky topic and I really do hope it helped people enjoy more comfortable and immersive experiences.

This was still some time ago and I know how easy it is for posts to get lost in a sea of naughty writings, so I’m starting my Thursday with strap on play in mind, to once again share the important concept of being properly clean and hygienic during anal invasion; so buckle up – I’m about to get a little graphic.

For those who think prep beyond a shower really isn’t necessary before you take on a nice thick 9in dildo, expertly wielded by a fierce Femme Domme; I always like to use a short analogy.


Imagine you’re cleaning up after a dinner party and you’ve served a dish that’s a bit…messy…


Just because you scrape the food off the plate and into the trash doesn’t mean the plate is now ‘clean’. You already know you’re going to have to rinse it off – or hell, run it through the dish washer before you’re going to offer it to someone else or put it back in the cabinet, right? You’d be a pretty bad host if you didn’t!

If I rub anything like a finger or napkin (or dildo) across that dirty plate – what do you think is going to happen?


While many lovers of back door play tend to not be too terribly shy about a little mess, (hey, it is what it is) there’s no reason to simply use the bathroom and say ‘oh, that’ll be good enough!’

Nothing brings sexy fun to a screeching halt more quickly than having to grab some towels and excuse your partner to the bathroom to ‘clean up’. Preparing for anal penetration does take a bit of time and patience, but is SO worth the effort – and your partner will REALLY appreciate (if not demand) it. 

So where do you start?


First, shake off any embarrassment, stigma or hesitation in the topic itself. Anal is FUN and getting ready for it shouldn’t be a humiliating chore – it should be a part of a sexy ritual. Just like we all typically brush out teeth or jump in the shower before we get wrapped up in an intimate moment, this is just another step in the process, so let’s just remove any shame before we move on.

Being in an age of sexual evolution, we’re graced with TONS of methods of prep – from pills and drinks, to different devices and tools, it’s all out there and easy to get a hold of. Being so spoiled for choice can of course, be a double-edged sword if you’re just getting started, so I’lll share that my favorite method: plain and simple, a good old-fashioned enema.  It’s quick, clean, cheap and easy on the body – also the most universally used and agreed on across the board.


For your first time, you can buy a disposable Fleet brand enema for $2 at any drug store.

This is great if you don’t want to (or can’t) store any equipment around the house. Now, these do contain saline, so if your concerned with using chemicals, you can dump out the fluid and fill the container with water before moving forward. DO NOT ADD SOAP! Water works just as well and won’t leave you feeling dehydrated.


If you’d like to be a bit more thorough and give yourself more than one rinse, you can buy one of those fancy schamcy at home enema kits ($10-$30)

These are pretty great, but they might be a little intimidating or inconvenient for a first timer. Try to veer towards the easier option at first with the Fleet style until you’ve done this at least once. Bag style enemas will usually require a place to hang the bag, though you can really just hold it up with your hand, but think that out before you buy.


You can also find bulb style enemas just about everywhere – but personally – I don’t find these to be very sanitary unless they’re made of medical grade silicone. 

Most of them are made of porous plastic – which is not possible to THROUGHLY disinfect. You can wash them out with soap and water but I wouldn’t stick anything inside myself that I wasn’t SURE is thoroughly clean. If you buy bulb style enemas – consider them disposable and single use unless the package VERY specifically says it’s MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE.



Another workable choice if you’re just doing a routine clean out, is a more permanent fixture, like a nice shower attachment. Personally, I don’t find it to be terribly sanitary to release any sort of waste in the shower, but if you like this method – I won’t personally stand in your way – it’s your shower after all! I’ve heard nothing but great things about this unit in particular:



Timing is everything, so the first time you give this a go, make sure it’s AT LEAST 2 hours prior to play. If you hear nothing else I’m saying to you, register that last statement. At least 2 hours – I’m serious!!!!

As someone who’s been on the wrong end of a not fully expelled enema, I can attest that you NEVER want to do this right before or during the session unless you’re highly experienced; even then, there’s still a risk of leakage. Once the enema water hits body temperature, it can be very hard to tell if you’ve gotten it all out of your system and you don’t want any spills to occur once you get going.

Time is the only thing to ensure proper expulsion has happened. You’ll need to do this once or twice to really get the feel of things and read your body’s signals.

Enemas will always win in my book: they’re safe, reliable, cheap and easy. Just find what works for you, read the instructions and be gentle.


Last but not least, let me also give you a bit of uncommon advice…

You might be sitting there and thinking these steps are just too inconvenient or that you can just ‘skip’ it…. or if you’re a provider on the other end of the dildo, you might not want to enforce this step. If that’s your stance, imagine the worst case scenario (pulling out a very dirty dildo during a scene) and mentally work through how you’ll handle the situation without embarrassing yourself or partner.

I’ve been there and HOW you two handle it can make or break a scene. What will you say? How will you gracefully dismiss yourself to the restroom to ‘clean up’ – how will you discreetly hide or discard a very soiled toy? (hint: have medical pads on hand) How will you laugh it off, clean your partner up, break the tension and continue playing in other ways? Just think it out.

If you do anal play enough it WILL at some point happen. It just will – consider it part of the territory. It’s not the apocalypse, but it’s better to have a plan then to be caught like a deer in headlights trying to not break the scene.

Now if I haven’t scared you off – or even if I have – I’ll just remind you that despite these steps and considerations, anal play is utterly amazing. As a ‘giver’, I never feel more powerful, sexy and in control than when I’m pegging someone. It’s just really erotic – what can I say?

As a receiver, it’s clearly just as pleasurable – you’re being violated, taken and explored in the most sensual and intimate way possible – what’s not to love? Even if the prep to get there doesn’t become your favorite past time, just remember that anal feels good; reallllly good and even if these little intimate extras seem a bit foreign at first, you’re penetrative play will be SO much better for the effort.

Now, happy pegging!


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had such an interesting month….

I suppose anytime we get near V-Day or deep in the throes of the cold winter months, many of us reach out to draw others near and fill out lives with more excitement and intrigue. Anything to keep us from cabin fever or being self diagnosed with ‘Winter Blues’ (and seriously whoever came up with that title could really have done a LOT better).

Boredom and curiosity has led to a lot of emotional push and pull from outside forces, people hoping to dive deeper into getting to know me (even when it was an occasional overstep), to  positive blossoming new friendships and client relationships and even a slew of seriously incredible sessions; it’s an emotional whirlwind, though as much fun as that can be at times, it can be equally exhausting to maintain a comfortable balance.

Over a glass of champagne yesterday, it occurred to me, that sometimes, a little campy entertainment is the best cure, and with that, instead of writing something a bit more ‘personal’; which doesn’t suit my mood right now, I though I’d share a little excerpt from one of my favorite Astrology websites; Astrologycafe.com


Now, I’m not hugely into this, but I’ve usually found people tend to hold rather true to their star signs with a few natural exceptions where personality and free will come into play, but I couldn’t help by noticing how very accurate most of this write-up was – and so, it’s worth sharing for any of the curious suitors who’d like to know more about what makes me tick.


The Cancer Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

The Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon and her moods wax and wane like the lunar cycle. Fluid like water, she is both peaceful and passionate. She is a tidal force of perplexing emotion, and can be stubborn, compliant, furious, and docile, all in the same hour. This sign is the least precise of the zodiac and you’d be hard pressed to spot a Cancer woman amongst the crowd. She is strong willed and persistent, but can sometimes be reserved, drawing away and into her own shell if disturbed or provoked.

The Cancerian woman is sensitive – very sensitive – but not only to her needs, but to the needs of others, making her one of the most sympathetic and caring women of the Zodiac.

This is the first water sign of the zodiac and the Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon, endowing her with awesome intuition and imagination. She is deeply intuitive, and if she says she doesn’t feel right about someone, it pays to take notice. She won’t know the reason, but she will probably be proved right sooner or later. Similarly, her unerring instinct will tell her at once if someone is to be trusted. This is not about being judgmental – it’s about instincts and feelings.

A Cancer woman is sympathetic and sensitive to others around her. This is due to her high intuition and deep emotions. Famous Cancer women include Liv Tyler, Princess Diana, Michelle Kwan, and Lindsay Lohan.

Cancer the Crab Associations

Dates: June 21-July 22*
Ruler: Moon
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Silver
Day: Monday
Stone: Pearl, Ruby
Part of Body Ruled: Stomach and chest
Motto: I feel
Energy: Yin

*Sun sign dates are always approximate, as starting and ending dates can vary from year to year.

Cancer Women in Love

Slowly, slowly, as the Italians say. For any Cancer woman, romance is part and parcel of love – the gifts, flowers, and love notes that form the traditional woo-and-win process are essential to her. The Cancer woman is slow to fall in love and refuses to be rushed. Once there, however, she is a devoted and protective lover. She can be hurt unintentionally, so her partner must be tactful and sensitive.

It takes time for Cancerians to learn to trust another, and the crab is shy and reserved when it comes to matters of the heart. When in love, they are patient and will persevere in the face of any obstacle for the cause of true love.

Possessing a high capacity to love, the Cancer woman makes an exceptional partner. With the right person, she will toss caution to the wind and show you more adventure than you thought possible.

Cancer and Relationships

The crab has a good instinct for who suits her best in relationships. Her idea of a perfect partner is someone who loves to snuggle on the couch together, watch television, and pour wine for her.

Nothing describes this woman better than “home is where the heart is”. Family and friends are high priority and her home environment is where she feels the most secure. Naturally maternal and domestic, the Cancer woman is the caregiver in her relationships. She may sometimes wish for more equality, but lovingly accepts her role as giver. A Cancer woman does love being catered to by a lover, probably because she does so much caring for and pampering of others in her life.

Relationships with Cancer women are usually steady and secure, but there may be the occasional slide into moodiness. Security and fidelity are the most important aspects of a relationship to the crab.

Cancer Woman’s emotions run very near the surface, and she is easily moved to tears, as much by joy as by unhappiness. She loves weepy movies, but when someone in trouble comes to her for help she will be as strong as a rock. As deep and tempestuous as the sea, she can also be the calm bay, the gentle beach, always ready to help and nourish those she loves.

Although she is easily moved to tears, Ms. Cancer laughs just as easily and has a goofy, wonderful sense of humor. She is tickled by the ridiculous and her laugh is infectious. It’s hard not to join in once she has started.

Cancer and Friendships

Cancers like to mother everyone around them and are caring, thoughtful friends. A Cancer friend is the one that makes sure everyone gets home safe after a drunken night out, and who calls to make sure you’re doing okay after your bout of flu. There is something comforting about friendships with a Cancer woman, and you know she will be there looking after you should you ever need her. Your Cancer friend’s fragile feelings can sometimes be trampled on by a careless, clumsy comment, so tactless, rude, and inconsiderate people need not apply!

Cancer women treasure their friendships, and they make treasured friends as well.

Cancer and Sex

Sex is a slow, sensual dance with the Cancer woman. She needs to have an emotional connection with her partner. She will trust you to lead and if you unlock the right moves, she can tango with the best of them. Her hidden flamboyance and responsiveness may be surprising, but remember that still waters run deep in your Cancer lover. She loves seduction and sensual fantasies. She enjoys being made love to and is eager to learn. Sex is always attuned with love for her, and bedroom encounters with this water sign are usually pure liquid pleasure.

Cancer and Career

Just because the Cancer woman sometimes keeps a low-profile in the workplace doesn’t mean that she’s not interested in advancement and success. Being a good judge of character and having sharp intuition, this woman is an excellent business person. She is the quiet but competent worker to watch for.

Most of the time, the Cancer woman handles money wisely. Keenly perceptive, she knows how to deal with people. Combine those two attributes and she will have no problem with careers in teaching, nursing, counseling, or journalism.

The Cancer female is interested in home and hearth. She loves being around children and animals. She is highly creative, musical, and literate and also has killer business instincts.

But the nurturing Cancer woman’s true calling isn’t working outside of the home – it’s running one of her own or running a business of her own from her home.

Other than being a mother to children or pets, the Cancerian woman has many options depending on her wide range of interest. Naturally nurturing, she can be a pediatrician, veterinarian, or open a thriving daycare center. If she loves to read romantic novels she will find that her storytelling skills are worthy of being published. To cook is something she does almost as naturally as breathe – or eat – and she is able to whip up some scrumptious meals.

Her love of history was probably cultivated back in grade school and it carries over to her choice of reading and viewing material. She could easily turn it into a career as an antiques dealer or interior designer as she loves to feather her nest. Careers can be mom, musician, pediatrician, banker, chef or restaurant owner, psychic, antiques dealer, artist, sailor, historian, writer, and dancer.

Cancer and Money

Ms. Cancer will have a bank account and/or money stashed away. She is a natural saver who understands the value of money. To her, money equals security. It also equals a home and even if she is living in a tiny apartment, she will scrimp and save to achieve her ultimate goal – proud homeowner.

The Cancer woman is cautious about everything she does in her life and the handling of money is no exception. She is a shrewd investor and the goal of any financial planning is based on long-term stability.

This woman isn’t going to be fooled by get-rich-quick schemes, or easily lured into buying oceanfront property in the desert. She does have her guilty pleasures, however, and will splurge now and again.

Cancer and Family

The most important things in a Cancer woman’s life are her home and family. Wherever she is, she will make the place a home and it will be tremendously important to her. She will fill it with all the things that interest her, every wall with pictures of her nearest and dearest. She doesn’t always like change, or moving. Her home is her outward shell, the place she can retreat to when the world seems too big and threatening.

Her home will not just be her own sanctuary, but a sanctuary for all those she loves and she will be fiercely protective of it. She is equally protective of her children and knows how to make them feel secure. They usually remain close to her all their lives and always come home when they feel in need of love and care. Family and friends are equally important to her, and she will treat them just the same. One of the ways she expresses her love for her nearest and dearest is to feed them, and wonderful food will come from her kitchen. Those she loves will always feel loved and protected and safe with her- she has that quality.

Cancer and Health

Anyone with a highly emotional temperament can have a somewhat complicated health profile, and this may be the case with Cancer females.

A Cancer woman loves her comfort food, sometimes too much. She enjoys sweets and can have a problem controlling her weight as she gets older. Generally, this is not a problem, but if it gets out of hand, then the Cancer woman will pay attention. Stomach upsets can occur more frequently with the crabs, but often are the result of stress and worry.

Cancer and Fashion

The Cancer woman prefers traditional outfits with an emphasis on femininity and comfort. A typical Cancer woman will choose flimsy organza over tight denim and loose silk over PVC leggings. Don’t be fooled by her apparently conservative fashion choices. She likes the touch of watery satin on her skin and will often wear a luxurious, matching set of lingerie beneath her conventional outerwear.

Pale blue and silvers are favored by the Cancer woman and these may be reflected in her clothing styles and home décor. You might even find some interesting Moon and stars themes in her home.

The Cancer woman is stylish and up to date in fashion, but will maintain a somewhat conservative wardrobe. Sensitive to criticism, she’ll dress up to look good, but not enough to be the center of attention.

She does not follow the latest craze emanating from the catwalks. Instead, she favors timeless labels and cuts. As every crab knows, trends are like tides, and they don’t last long. Her favorite accessories are charm necklaces and pearls.

Once again I find myself plotting a devious list of ways to mess with my sweet playmate; our upcoming trip now marked in red in my ledger, ticking down the days to when I’ll whisk her away from all the comfort and safety of home, to an unfamiliar landscape – trapping her in my devious company for several days.
Trips like this are always my favorite; whether with a personal slave as I’ve done recently or perhaps just a trusted suitor; a change of pace and atmosphere always makes my kinky wheels turn just a bit harder.
For several years I’ve listed travel sessions, overnights and multi day scenes as a possibility for those seeking the ultimate in erotic captivity, but it’s been a while since I’ve highlighted it.
Sure, day trips to the dungeon are still an amazing way to shake up your normal routine and scratch those wicked itches; but  sometimes we need just a little bit ‘more’ or just frankly deserve something totally over the top for a special occasion. Renting a dungeon in a posh city, a lonely cabin in the woods away from all signs of civilization or perhaps something in between…
I offer trips, outings and overnights ranging in stints in my own dungeon or traveling to my out-of-state play partners, and even planned vacations for up to 5 days at a time.
Of course, all travel expenses, a deposit and my tribute are required (except to my collared full-time slaves) but some experiences are absolutely priceless!
I currently have a list of favorite spots I already frequent for these excursions and it’s definitely worth listing here for anyone curious enough to let their imagination drift…that said, I’ll gladly travel just about anywhere in the US.
  1. Los Angeles/Hollywood/Malibu


    2. Leavenworth


3. New York




5. Hawaii

All spots have either local rental dungeons or easy access to large hotels for play in between activities.
International travel is also possible to European countries with a heavy preference for Germany and England or Canada with a VERY trusted client.
So, if you’re interested and really want to dive into a truly extraordinary adventure; drop me an email! Let’s plan something you will simply never forget!