What would I do to you???

Ah, with a flurry of new ads I’ve put out, so come a flurry of stupid questions….

I get a lot of phone calls….really…..like upwards of 15 to 20 a day. Most of them totally legitimate, general information, availability, tribute requests and so on; every now and then, I get someone I’ve never spoken to who thinks they can manipulate me into giving them free phone sex.

“So uhh….If I came in to see you, like….uhh……what would you do to me and stuff?”…..

Me – well, what are you into?

“Uhhh, I dunna know. I’ve never done it before – why don’t you just tell me what you’d do to me, and I’ll tell you if I wanna come see you”

Me – I don’t think so – Click!

I get it, there are in fact a lot of guys out there who still aren’t really even sure what a Dominatrix is, or what she does. Hollywood does a wonderful job of making us look like a bunch of cruel, flesh hungry man haters, but I assure you – this is not the case. The good majority of practicing Mistresses keep a blog, a website, sometimes even a twitter page, face book, myspace and a whole slew of other avenues for you to learn more about them and what they like to do in session. If you’d rather not do your homework and skip right to calling (oh yeah, we love that) expect to be met with all the sympathy you would hope to receive from a woman who’s job is usually to punish, manipulate and humiliate.

Today, I am giving the benefit of the doubt to those of you who perhaps cannot log onto my website, or take the time to read in detail about my areas of interest before a session. Maybe you only have a brief moment or two to call me on your lunch break – you boys, I forgive. The question still remains, what would I do to you?     ………you wanna know?……..say please, Miss Victoria…….and I’ll tell you.

For a first timer – with NO IDEA what he wants – I keep it simple….I keep it sensual. 

I start with a chat, we sit down in a well lit room to get you comfortable being around me. I’ve seen boys be so nervous their hands are visibly shaking – this is unnecessary. I will try to open you up, see if there’s a hidden fetish, an interest, maybe even a dream you’ve had that’s led you to call me. I make you feel as natural talking to me as possible, and once I am assured you have shared all you can with me, we move towards the playspace.

I will allow you a moment to get comfortable – this will be out of my site, unless I deem otherwise appropriate. You will have a few minutes to adjust to my atmosphere, absorb the music I’ve chosen, notice the scents of the candles I’ve lit….Hopefully you are studying your surroundings…maybe something will spike your interest.

I will join you when I feel you are ready, I will purr sweet nothings into your ear while pressing against you – forcing you to walk backwards until you’ve hit the bondage bed. Do I need to tell you to climb on top of the table, or do you instinctually know this is what I want?

From here, the session can take many twists. A little bondage, some ice or hot wax, maybe a spanking….or do I go right for the kill with a little tease and denial? Who know’s – you’ve left me with no idea what you’d like, so all I can resort to is appealing to your lesser animal instincts. To gently try new things and see what your BODY responds to. I do not have to hurt you, I do not have to leave marks. Truth be told, if that’s not what you WANT – that’s not what I want to do. I only want to have a moment of mutual enjoyment.

There’s no reason to be afraid – this can be as gentle and sensual as I’ve listed above or as heavy as shower play, corporal punishment and severe humiliation; but really, if you find yourself with a moment to call – try to think about what is driving you to that call in the first place. What single desire is making you pick up that phone?…. then tell me all about it.

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