Satisfaction and Seattle….

The highlight of my day was seeing the most viewed entry on my humble blog was “How to Please a Dominant Woman”…I appreciate that so many of you well-behaved little pets chose to read that over some of my more pervy writings….consider this a pat on the head you good little boys….BUT – now that I know a good number of you are fully aware of my expectations, you can count on me to hold you to them…lest, you suffer the consequences.

Now, Seattle – I hesitate to even mention it since I’ve made so many wonderful new friends here lately, but alas I will be heading to the Emerald City  the first week of September. Rest assured I will be back for a working vacation in October, and in all likely hood I will make it a monthly ritual for the rest of the year. Now, while this does put me closer to a lot of my new-found playmates, for you Portland Pervs, there is still plenty of time this month to come for another visit with me before I leave.  I will be available all the way until September 4th for visits – so get off your asses and mark your calender.

To those in Seattle who are interested in my upcoming entrance, you can expect me to be available for sessions beginning on September 10th. If that date changes for any reason, I will let you know, however I am incredibly well planned so this will be a firm date for those of you wishing to make appointments early on for my arrival.

The details of my location will be kept vague until I post a few choice pictures. However, for practicality’s sake –  I will be located in the Central District, easily accessed from either downtown or the suburbs. Don’t be scared about the fact I am close to downtown, my chosen spot is incredibly discreet with plenty of free OFF STREET parking. More info to come once I have things set up.

Now off to a good nights sleep before a VERY busy Saturday!

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