The Erotic Review

As I mentioned in an earlierĀ posting, I will be moving soon to Seattle – starting over in a new place is never easy, though happily I am aware that some of you regularly make trips out that way, and I am sure we will be seeing each other again.

I will however, be making a lot of new friends when I get there and I know most playmates like to do some research on the lady they are about to see before they actually book with her. Sadly, there are many review boards for Escorts, Sensual Massage and so on, but none really for BDSM. It’s hard to convey the intensity and heat of a scene just by my website alone….having you all write reviews captures in words, what I cannot.

I have a simple request for some of you lovelies who have seen me recently – to post a review on the website The Erotic Review, and to let me know about it. It’s a free website to sign up to and it does help other potential playmates in a big way. It will also help YOU establish a reference if you plan to play with someone else in the future. So many ladies require some sort of reference before they will see you, so having something like that in your back pocket is always a good idea…and don’t worry, it’s entirely private and no really personal information need be exposed.

Thank in advance boys ~ I expect to hear from you all soon!

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