I think I’m a doctor now…

Scene: My medical table, the floor covered in plastic, the wall at the foot of the table covered in plastic as well…Me in latex playing a very sadistic nurse. He, a compliant newbie with a long time medical fetish who is ready to jump into the deep end of the pool – requesting a hard-core medical scene…oh dear boy, I love you already.

Strict mummification bondage , electrified butt plug inserted oh so deep, deep throat cock shaped gag filling his mouth (I can hear him sucking on it)…ha ha ha I begin donning my black gloves behind his head, he can hear the latex pull over my skin causing his body to begin to react. Cold urethral sounds covered in mint oil, a good place to start – a bit of crying and begging on his part…   I distract him by turning the juice up on his electro butt plug, he whimpers as his cock grows. Silly boy. I let the sensation simmer for a moment, blowing on his genitals to ignite to coolness of the oil.

Removing the butt plug to inset an ice cold enema….he’s still mummified in plastic wrap to my table. He realizes the true reason for all the plastic wrap on the floor and begins to flail against his bondage. How sweet, he’s shy…and scared. I climb onto the table, using my stiletto to apply steady pressure to his very full stomach and bowels… a shock prod in my hand, I test his “bowel control”…zapping his balls, his cock, his nipples….inner thighs….all while standing above him forcing my black leather heel into his gut. He could care less than to try and look up my skirt, he’s far more concerned about holding that enema in….how humiliating would it be if he didn’t make it to the bathroom? To make a horrid mess all over my room that he would not doubt be cleaning up. I am unphased, I have prepared well and I fully intend on humiliating this little  bitch. He has a surprising about of control, but he’s blushing fiercly…only a matter of time. I cut him out of his plastic bondage and take him to the bathroom. He’s ordered to continue to hold his enema while I adjourn to the other room…I afix my strap on and join him in the bathroom. “oh please Mistress, I can’t do this in front of you”. I display my erect black cock, shoving it down his throat to shut him up….suck it, my dear, you don’t have a choice. You can hold it until I let you leave, or you can let it out now while deep throating my throbbing little toy…

He held out as long as he could, then released, tears rolling down his cheeks. He trembled in both relief and absolute humiliation, I left him to shower.

He crawled from the bathroom to where I was sitting, placing his forehead to the floor. This was by far more than he had ever imagined. He never knew he could feel so humbled and ashamed. He confessed he got himself off twice in the shower, thinking about how little I cared about his predicament. He’s a good boy, so obedient, so willing…I sent him home with smaller enema and a pair of my panties with instructions to email me later about what he did with them.

Next Patient!

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