Caught up….let the fun begin!

I’ll be honest, it’s been insane getting back to all of you but I’m happy now that I have. I’m also mostly done unpacking for those who are interested and I have a very exciting cuckhold session to look forward to in the morning…and yes, boys and girls it’s REAL cuckholding…not fantasy. This lucky boy has a wonderfully humiliating session to look forward to and you, my lovely readers, will have the details and perhaps a pic or two to look forward to as well.

Now…about that…you dear readers. I’ve gotten a spike in views lately and only 2 new subscribers. I truly don’t mind, but it really makes me wonder if you boys are just browsing for kinky reading material or if you’re truely interested in getting to know me.

Either way, show your devotion and become a subscriber….consider this more of a demand than a request…

Now on to a hot bubble bath and some beauty sleep….

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One Thought to “Caught up….let the fun begin!”

  1. Eric

    OK, this sounds seriously hot. I had an ex-girlfriend do something like this to me once, and I think it warped me forever… in a good way. Anxiously awaiting the follow-up blog post. (And I subscribed as instructed.)

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