Blackmail and Bullshit

I am not sure what it is, but there is a particular attraction to blackmail…not just for me, but for a seemingly disproportionatly large group of international subissives. I get requests primarily from Eqypt, Iran and Germany¬†asking for me to set up some sort of scenario where I will be merciless in my demands lest I release the secrets of my poor victims to their friends, family, co workers and so on. Rarely is it anyone local, to where I could actually make this scenario more real.

All of this is fine….but….

Why is it that these boys hope you will do this for free? Clearly they don’t understand the time and energy it takes to get to know someone and what skeletons they have hidden in their closet…then from there, find out who they might want to keep those skeletons away from.

My rule is this – I am game for blackmail, but it’s going to be on a professional basis. You WILL compensate me for my time spent emailing you, being on cam with you and otherwise getting to know the little nuances of your dirty laundry before the actual blackmail begins. The best way to do it is to be local….come in to play with me…let me take pictures…really get some damning evidence that I can lay my hands on. Something I can really use against you. Blackmail isn’t scary when it’s a fantasy, it NEEDS to be real. If you’re the type of high profile person that can’t risk such a thing….you probably shouldn’t be seeking out sadistic women to play with in the first place.

¬†I take no pleasure in empty threats I cannot deliver on so please, if you’d like a heartless woman who savagly blackmail you – I’m game. Just know, we are going to play by MY rules…not yours.

Oh and one more thing….and yes, this is directed right at you (name witheld) after I chastise you for wasting my time – don’t attempt to add me as a friend on Facebook. WTF?

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