Nervous Newbie?


I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating – I find it very important that before someone arrives here for their play date, that they feel a sense of comfort and trust for me. Having a first session can sometimes be tricky – however the biggest detriment to your good time is going to be nervousness. When you call to discuss a possible booking, you need to relax…don’t work yourself up with the idea of who I am, because quite truthfully I am not yet your Mistress. I am a woman answering the phone. Don’t be afraid…really. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you feel are important – even if you aren’t sure if it’s appropriate to ask. I would much rather have you informed than walking away with unanswered questions and possibly unreal expectations. I know being open and entirely honest puts you at the risk of being vulnerable, but I won’t take advantage of that.

I always try to get a feel for someone before they walk through the front door. I will inevitably ask you what you are coming to me to explore. I have realized over the years that people often sell themselves short here by downplaying or minimizing their interests to me. For example – if you have a VERY specific role play you’ve been dying to try out but you’re worried you might offend me by “scripting” our sessions – you pass up the opportunity to share with me something that we ultimately may enjoy very much.

I am a dominatrix – but that doesn’t mean that everyone who comes to play with me is expected to lower themselves to the ground and submit entirely to my every whim. In fact, only a select group of people come to me for that total unflinching sense of being controlled. That said, if you have something in mind SHARE IT. You’d be surprised how much more decadent our time can be when I know the fine details of your kink.

Along those lines, if there’s a certain interest you really want to focus on – don’t bury it within a rambled list of other interests, make it known that you’d like a specific activity to be the main theme of our time together. I know it’s difficult to share intimate details with a complete stranger, but you are coming to me for something very specific – to free yourself from restriction and to enjoy and relish in your sexual appetite without judgment or hinderance. The more I can learn about your needs as a submissive/masochist/fetishist/curious newbie – the better. It’s a matter of common sense really… Would you prefer a Mistress who has to feel you out through multiple meetings and conversations before discovering what you really need? OR Would you like to begin from session #1, dealing with a Seductress who knows you – knows your triggers- knows how to make you weak in the knees – and now has the confidence to ravish you with all the intensity of a skilled huntress? It’s a simple choice big boy…

Now, for some people, telling a stranger your interests is just to much…there’s just nothing I can say to take away that fear. Well, you can always email me – send a singing telegram, hell, even tie a note to the foot of a pigeon and send it flying my way. If you’re too scared to vocally communicate with me you have no excuse – you do still have other options. Man up and let’s have a great time!

Now – from this moment on, you all know what I expect from you. If you still wanna play hard to get – you will be shown very unceremoniously how I feel about those who choose to disobey very direct orders…especially when those orders are for your own benefit.

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