This is a short recap of an interrogation scene I carried out last week. A new friend of mine with highly compatible interests came over for the second visit in two weeks – I am sure you will agree, we had a very enjoyable experience! Not all details have been shared to protect this persons identity, however I am sure many of you naughty kinksters will still find it highly enticing…

I’ve had him in solitary confinement for the last 2 days, bound in silence, left entirely to his thoughts. He was sent to me for interrogation, being the suspect of a recent theft – files on some very cutting edge medical research were stolen from a locked down facility…my captive was the last one access the file room just before the property went missing… How unfortunate for him.

He enters my chamber, entirely unclothed and vulnerable – my table is set up waiting for him. He lies down restfully, no doubt just happy to be freed from his cell, but nevertheless my ropes slip easily around his wrists and ankles. I tighten his bounds as he eases into position, his hard on gives him away…despite what he knows I have in store for him, he can’t help but melt to my seductive attitude and my drop dead gorgeous looks. I’ve dressed for the occasion in satiny stockings, sky-high stilettos and a uber tight black silk corset. It gives new meaning to the phrase “dressed to kill”. I want him to long for me even though having my attention can prove to be quite painful.

He stirs a bit, uttering something sarcastic about how he’s missed me while I had him locked up. Is being tortured really more enjoyable to him then imprisonment? lol It doesn’t really matter, this is the last day I have with him and he with either forfeit the information I need or perish at my hands….

I begin with the obligatory question…”Where are my files?” I remind him with a gentle whisper in his ear that this is his last day to confess. He’s been so resistant so far, suffered so much for his cause, but time breaks people down. I had hoped for a soft and quieted response, giving me not only the location of the files but the names of all those involved in their disappearance. Instead he answers defiantly that it has all slipped his mind…. “Ah….I see.”

I begin by tying up his cock and balls…not just tie them…I should say, I all but strangled them. They stuck out from his body, wrapped in 7 feet of thin rope, exposed and vulnerable to my toys and tools. Ignoring the moans and sighs of my prisoner, I focus my work on his helpless dick….my sharp pin wheel making steady passes over the engorged skin. He winces terribly but remains rigid, knowing that any movement from him will only force the wheel deeper into his flesh. The only thing for him to do is lie still and pray I keep a soft hand.  The sharp metal spikes roll across him pricking his sensitive dick. He’s so focused on holding still he hardly takes notice when I slip a small electrified ring around his cock. I’ve used this on him before and he both loves and hates it. The softer shocks it produces thrill him, but I set this dreaded toy to an automatic setting making its intensity unpredictable.

A few moments later and my questioning resumes as the electrode pulses away. His memory still slips him – but I’m not convinced of his innocence. I leave the electricity to soften him up while I move to his nipples, pinching and squeezing them with everything in my arsenal…clips, clamps, fingers, nails, gadgets, crushers and so on – questioning him through out the whole ordeal.

I know through many previous experiences that once a man knows he’s doomed either way – the truth becomes irrelevant. If he gives up the files, who knows if I will really let him go anyway? I am sure he can sense at this point that I won’t. I do need to recover my lost research, but I’ve gone too far with him…he can never see the light of day again. He’s a dead man walking – well a dead man bound, squirming on my exam table. I pity him, and decide to give him one last hoorah! I cease the torment for one brief moment and lean in close…my corset pushing against his arm….my long hair falling loosely on his chest….my lips against his ear – I purr….. How about one last fuck?

Oh yes!!!!!! he mutters….

I disappear to ready myself, I am sure he thinks I’m just going to jump onto the table and fuck him to death, but no….I have other plans, re emerging with  a nice hard dildo. At this point, he doesn’t even care….he’s resigned….he accepts his fate and hopes for whatever relief of pleasure I allow him. With the dildo firms slid into place I turn the electro box to the softer shocks….he moans pleasurably as I ram his tight little ass like the bitch his is – until much to my surprise – he explodes violently onto himself. He’s spent – entirely exhausted – and much to my surprise grateful to me for the experience.

Maybe I’ll let him go after all…

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