Morning Slave Needed…

I am not a morning person – not by a long shot. I’ve never been quite able to get things going and off to a smooth start before my daytime appointments begin. It’s a huge annoyance to me, but it does create an opening for some of you who have been calling to check (repeatedly) to see if I was accepting new slaves.

Let me just say, becoming a part of my world is a little more difficult than just asking for it. I have to know you and have at least met with you once in session. It is important for me to keep my personal and professional lives separate – so you must understand that this position is not just playtime. It’s service.

In short – here’s a little about what I’m looking for.

 This person would arrive to my place at 9:30am with a beverage from Starbucks in hand. They will be freshly showered and ready for whatever needs I throw at them. It will be YOUR responsibility to assist me in getting my morning started so you will not be greeted at the door by my glammed up professional self. I will be in my night clothing, doing my hair and make up, and not in any mood to play yet. Be aware of this so your expectations are not dashed by a dose of reality. Also, I will not be alone – I will be with TS Mistress Ablaze by the time you arrive. She may or may not leave the bedroom while you are here, but do know, it will not be just you and I.

You will begin by handing me my drink and asking immediately what I need. If I have nothing pressing for you to do – you will feed my labrador and possibly walk him if I haven’t gotten to it yet. He is a very large but friendly dog so don’t let his large stature scare you.  After a walk (no less than 10-15 minutes) you would come back upstairs and ready the dungeon. You will clean and stock the bathroom, fold and put away all sheets and towels. Sanitize any and all tools I didn’t get to the previous night and vacuum the floor if needed. I will also need you to “set the stage” if I have an appointment ready to come in, but the details of setting up for a session can be explained to you in person.

If I am hungry you are also responsible for making or fetching breakfast – I am not a breakfast person so this may be something as simple as preparing a small fruit/veggie/cheese platter so I can snack from it over the next few hours. I will never require heavy food preparation so you do not need to be an amazing cook.  

This is an entry position that may lead into more lengthy or extensive forms of service. If that is ultimately what you are looking for, this is a great way to begin. I never accept slaves for full time service off the bat, so just know your place has to be earned with me. We must have chemistry and I must feel that you are making my day easier and not adding to my “to do” list.

Typically you can expect to be here for 1 to 2 hours depending on what I need in the morning. If I get a “short notice” session, you can expect to ready the dungeon and promptly leave. This doesn’t happen very often in the morning but be aware that it is a possibility.

When your job has been completed – unless I invite you to stay, I expect you to leave. As I mentioned earlier this position is one of servitude. If you are the type who needs to find their place under a strong woman’s command – or perhaps you are just the generous type who likes to be found useful, this would be a good fit for you.

If you are looking for abundant free play – you will not be satisfied. I am focusing on getting ready for work – not getting you off.

It helps if you are good with a camera, or are open to having your photo taken for my website or blog – YOUR FACE WILL NEVER BE INCLUDED….but this is not necessary.

I am typing this first thing in the AM so this list of needs is likely not complete. If you are curious or interested – send me an email.

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