Two halves make a whole…

I use yahoo web hosting for my website(s) and it often tells me what people typed into their search engine to get to me. That said, I can see a number of you have googled my phone number to discover a little bit about one of my other exploits.

Yes, it true – I have another side to myself that I don’t often talk about. I know it’s very hard for most people to see me in any other light aside from a leather clad Femme Domme, but I actually do have a very diverse range of interests and my personality does have more than just one “sadistic setting”. Those who have gotten to know me will always say the same things – I am surprisingly warm, welcoming and very easy to talk to. I put people at ease – I’ve always been able to do this and likely I always will. It’s a very good explaination as to why I see so many first timers. I just make people feel confident and relaxed. Naturally, I’ve been curious about developing these abilities into other avenues.

…how can I make this work to my advantage?

A few years ago, I gained a strong sudden interest in alternative healing. It ranged from new age medicine, energy work and so on all the way to massage….Incidentially working with my hands seemed to be where I was most apt when it came to actually honing any sort of skill. I use my hands a LOT in BDSM sessions. I can have 100 impliments at arms length and 9 times out of 10, my fingers/nails/palms will be my weapon of choice. There’s an indescribable closeness – an intimate energy – that is passed with hands on action. With this in mind, I began practicing thereaputic massage….

I never lost my focus on other forms of healing so I began to fuse the two together into a practice that is half bodywork and half energy manipulation. The combination is intoxicating!

While I strongly prefer and more deeply enjoy my kinky exploits. I can’t deny the rush I feel when I completely relax and refresh someone who was very desperatly needing the feel “relieved” of their stress. They are always so greatful – you know…lol

I know a lot of you, who have been too nervous to meet me on a strictly BDSM basis, have gone about meeting me on these  more neutral grounds, but I must make it clear that these sides of me are quite separate. If you’d like to come in to meet me and talk about your curiosities in domination during a therapeutic session – this is permissible. However, be aware I do not combine services. I will not massage you then kick your ass around my dungeon 5 minutes later – it just doesn’t work like that.

So for those who are interested/curious about these services – the donation for massage is as follows 30/$100  60/$160  90/$220

I do have a large heated table – use high quality warmed lotions and have a shower stocked with plenty of refreshing body washes for afterwards. Everything I use is unscented, hypoallergenic and organic. I use a combination of techniques (Deep tissue, Swedish & Lomi Lomi) infused with elements of Tantra and Rekhi. It’s entirely relaxing and will certainly make you feel as though you’ve melted out of your body…

Of course more information is available – so if you’d like to know more just give me a call.

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