Social Media Overload

I’m trying to keep up, really I am, with all the ridiculous ways to follow/chat/meet/engage with others. I don’t know how these internet socialites do it. Fan pages, twitter, myspace, formspring…on and on…. it’s endless….it’s silly….and my god is it time consuming!

I am torn between wanting to be easily found and accessible and being a mysterious creature you hear about only through vague ads and my all informing website. In reality – to succeed means putting yourself out there. Carving your name in the concrete and putting your face on any advertising venue that will have you. It’s a necessary evil – one that’d I’m well versed in, but that doesn’t make it any less tiresome….espcially when you are the type of control freak who needs to do this all yourself.

With that said – I’m going to be retooling my site a bit. More specifically the “Follow Me” page.

 In my opinion, at the moment it looks like a bad entry in someone’s scrap-book with haphazardly placed icons. Not all that appealing really….at least, it’s certainly not the approach I was going for.

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