Victoria Rage, Isla Ablaze and our poor shivering slave….

I’ve seen this particular boy a few times now. He’s meek, gentle, soft-spoken and so submissive I want to rip him into little pieces and use him as confetti in my own parade.

Seriously, he’s one of my favorite toys simply because he’s up for anything….just don’t mark him. The firstĀ time we met, we simply chatted over our mutual D/s interests during a nice relaxing massage. He felt comfortable enough to relax a bit while I flooded his ears with a bit of dialog I would typically reserve for my BDSM sessions. He loved it – and so did I. He was completely mine and with every word I could see him falling into his sub space. It was perfect.

Today he slipped in on very short notice for a brief meeting. Just taking a quick break from work to get molested, punished and humiliated…all in good fun.

I tied him to my table and began as I so often do. I pounce on top, my hair dangling seductively on his chest, my lips pressed against his ear whispering of things to come, all of this of course with my knee pressed firmly into his erection beneath me. I strongly prefer the hands on approach…let me get close to you…you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, there he was, shivering like a terrified boy ought to be if he was ordered unceremounsly to strip and lie down before so much as a “Welcome back, it’s nice to see you again”. He moaned with a sense of dread and eroticism. Knowing that we both acknowledged my absolute command over him, but still feeling content that he could revel in it – assured I wouldn’t take him anywhere he didn’t want to go.

I lept from the table and grabbed my spiked wheel – gingerly, I ran it across his body which continued to quake and quiver. His cock bouncing helplessly as my wheel glided across the shaft and down to his balls. I began to worry that he was too excited for his own good. That blissful mix of anticipation, lust and fear…I needed to change directions, lest he explode on himself before I’ve had a chance to really begin.

Today I had a special surprise. Little did this boy know that TS Mistress Isla was hanging out with me when he called for his appointment…and now she was patiently waiting in the other bedroom where she was content to stay…but no…I went to get her. My boy waited patiently while I brought her in. He was blindfolded but aware of her presence by a few well placed words she barked at him upon her entry. It didn’t take long before our play toy was being cock shocked by the sexiest TS Domina on the West Coast. His body went rigid, his heart raced and his hands clutched the sheets beneath him as he gasped in pleasure. I of course was very distracted during this ordeal, having lubedĀ up a nice big red dildo and now sliding it ever so gently into his eager ass. He loved every minute of my violation….the humiliation of being watched and tormented by a stranger….the erotic shock of the electrode…..the vulnerable filling of the dildo… it was all to much…. After a few moments of this treatment he finally slipped into an orgasm, leaving him with a delightfully exhausted look on his face.

A quick shower, dressing and a rush back off to work…what a way to kill 30 minutes, eh?

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