My very first session

I got an email yesterday asking about my “weirdest session”. I know it’s not fair to say anything I do is “weird” because when practiced on such a regular basis, all of this becomes the norm. I know what he meant though….what’s the most memorable/interesting/bizarre thing I’ve ever done.

My mind immediately flashed to my VERY FIRST session. I had just gotten hired by a dungeon in Ft Lauderdale and upon exiting my interview, the Head Mistress told me about a request she had just gotten. I had spent the entire interview chronicling my experience thus far and my extensive research into other fetishes I have not yet explored and I think I conveyed the idea that I was “hungry for more” in such a way that she felt I would either be perfect for this request….or it’d call my bluff. lol

The session? He wanted to be a turkey, a Thanksgiving turkey. The wanted to be trussed, stuffed and eaten…. Now, I’m not sure what happened in this boy’s life that made him look upon a thanksgiving feast with envy and think, why can’t that be me? …but I get the attraction to wanting to be prepared for and then consumed by, a dominant woman.

The session was set easily enough when the logistics were factored in. I would hog tie him in front of a fire-place to mock the roasting process – without actually damaging him of course. While he was “roasting” I would set a small dinner table for myself and another Mistress. We let him “cook”  for about 15 minutes, while we stuffed his orifices with carrots, celery and apple pieces (again he was NOT close enough to the heat to damage him in any way but this was terribly amusing).  Mistress D and I sat at our table preparing the setting – plates, butter knives and so on… no side dishes that day, just a juicy man-sized turkey was on our menu.

We mocked our roasting bird until he was “done”, untying him gently and laying him out on our platter. We left the stuffings inside of him while we slathered his chest and legs with very cold cranberry sauce – why not, we are this far into the session, why not add a little sensation play to the mix? Then with our plastic cutlery, we pretended to eat him.

I have to say, I had never imagined a scenario like that. Sure I’ve heard of food fetish, even a fetish for people who want to be devoured, but never the two combined. I know, I know, it boarded on cannibalism – but I was just happy to be a part of the scenario.

The session went on swimmingly – he really enjoyed it, and when all was said and done, he told us why exactly he had such an off the wall desire. It all made sense.

When he was about 7, he was sitting down with his family for a traditional thanksgiving dinner. His parents were VERY social people so they naturally had a room full of dinner guests. He was seated at the children’s table, which ironically was just low enough to allow him to see under the table of the adults table. This was very important because one dinner guest really caught his attention. A gorgeous woman in her mid 30’s – wearing a white summer dress and red lipstick. She was so “clean and proper”  – to him she was flawless! He desperately wanted to be noticed by her, to be a part of her world….to be a part of HER.

He watched her eat dinner, her red lips wrapping around each bite of food, chewing it slowly, taking it in. He was transfixed and he couldn’t understand why. He imagined her taking little bites of him, swallowing him up in that moment that would make them “one”.

I’m amazing that variety there is when you open yourself up to sexual creativity. This was by far the most unique session I’ve experienced, and being my first session altogether, it was really a jump into the deep end for me. I loved it…

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