Dying of thirst…

I think I’ve bitched about mentioned how I’ve recently kicked my life long diet coke habit. Actually, it wasn’t a habit – it was quite literally all I would drink unless it was absolutely unavailable. It was my beverage of choice no matter what the situation. Yes, even at a fine restaurant while consuming a lovely bottle of red wine, I would have my trusty DC as well.  I would even judge which restaurant I would go to depending on if they served Coke or Pepsi….

With that said, I’ve switched to Starbucks Double Shots – espresso and cream drinks. They are great with caffeine, but because it’s 2 shots of espresso per can, I can only have 2 of these per day and at 6.5 ounces per serving – I’m left feeling dehydrated the rest of the day. Seriously – I honestly almost passed out in a Nordstroms today.

Why not just drink water, you ask? I hate it and it makes me feel sick. I have yet to find any other liquid on the planet that I find pleasing to consume. I’ve tried it all – believe me, but here I sit after my second Starbucks-in-a-can of the day and not much to my surprise, my stomach is upset from the silly amount of cream they feel necessary to put in.

So – while this entry may not be sexy or interesting – I appeal to you all to suggest other drink options for me according to the following guidelines.

1: No juice.        2: No soda     3: Nothing with a lot of sugar        4: Preferably fizzy          5: No alcohol 😉

Thanks in advance!

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2 Thoughts to “Dying of thirst…”

  1. Eric

    I also had to break a Coke habit. Several cans a day had ultimately resulted in a couple of cavities and a serious scolding from the dentist. (She’s kind of cute, so this actually appealed to the submissive in me.) So.. I switched over to making my own soft drink with this…

    Mix in a bit of flavored syrup to taste (I like lime), and Voilà, instant fizzy drink without all the calories and sugar. Delicious.

  2. You’re awesome – what a great idea! I’ll have to go check thagt out, it seems like a perfect solution!

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