Contest Announcement

The winner of my October contest has come forward – adorably emailing me at 6:03am – to schedule his meeting for later this week. For those who look forward to my “session” posts, I will tell you in advance he is into golden showers and humiliation, so this is what I will be detailing when the time comes. Exciting isn’t it?!

I know that leaves so many of you disappointed you weren’t chosen, but don’t fret, I will be doing this again this month. I do understand that many of you opt to leave town as the holiday season begins, so if you want to be included in the NOVEMBER version of my game, send me an email!

The rules will be the same – I will announce the winner the 1st of December and you will have 7 days to respond with a date for our meeting. I do have the retain the privelidge to write about our session in detail, leaving out any factors which might identify you so be aware that by entering the contest, you give your consent.

Other things I wish to mention….

#1 –  I know there are some serious photo nerds out there and I have a question about my camera. It was purchase about a year ago, to my knowledge it was a pretty decent camera….it’s a Canon PowerShot SX110IS

The problem is, for all its amazing features, it takes horribly grainy photos….I mean they are truly inexcusable. I did take the time to read the owners manual and have it set to the highest shutter speed – superfine setting – proper lighting conditions – white balanced…..yet STILL my pics look like they were taken by a camera on its last leg. I was hoping that one of you readers may know something about how to correct this problem, or if it is a reoccurring issues with this model of camera. No setting (indoors or out) seems to make a difference at all – additionally, I would like to ad, this camera has never been dropped or otherwise brutalized.

#2 Holiday gifts and tributes have begun to arrive from my out of town followers. I truly appreciate what you all do to show your dedication, but keep in mind – if you are so inclined to send tokens of your affection for the winter season, do NOT bring me consumables. Sending edible items direct from the manufacturer is permissable, but otherwise, please know that I will not ingest anything hand delivered by my visitors. I strongly prefer gift certificates or items from my ever-growing amazon wish list- but rest assured, while you have my gratitude for all gift items – I never expect or require them.

#3 I happen to live next to an area that has a bit of foliage. Actually, there are two VERY large trees immediately outside my living room window, which as of this morning, have given up nearly every leaf to the ground below. Quite honestly, it’s a stunning site – the surrounding area is thick with a covering of yellow leaves fit to be swept into about 7 or 8 large hefty bags. As I am taking this all in visually, I see our maintenance man outside with a single broom and a dust pan sweeping up at the piles….I suppose it’s a sight you have to see for yourself to truly appreciate, but going about it this way is like watching someone will a swimming pool with an eyedropper. I am baffled and highly amused.

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