It comes in waves…

I’ve noticed before that so many of my clients operate on the same sexual schedule, it’s a humorous truth…maybe it has something to do with the moon cycles or the tides – who knows? In any case, phone calls come in waves which is pretty common, but fetishes too?

One week I’ll have multiple strap on sessions – then none for weeks. The next week it will center around cross dressing, bondage or cbt. There’s always a “theme”…

This week is  anal and I’m certainly not complaining. I think since Monday alone I’ve already deflowered at least 3 different (nervous) boys….there’s a huge thrill in that for me. I’m the first to really penetrate them and they’ll always remember me for that.

So, I’m going to put it out there for next week – I’d like it to be a about  “pain play”. Of course I can be satisfied with almost any type of scene, but really I’d like at least one or two masochists to come my way.

Oh – also returning playmates. There’s a few of you that I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks who I would otherwise consider to be very regular visitors. The holiday’s are coming up soon and I know you are buckling down at work so you can relax and enjoy yourselves when the festivity begin, but don’t work too hard…take a lunch break, come get tied up, humiliated, violated and teased….

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