The Weenie Awards

Ok here’s my idea of the day…

You all send me a LOT (I mean a laughable amount) of cock pics. I never ask for them, but some of you just want to email them my way to see what I think. Usually I just roll my eyes and hit delete, but then it occurred to me – maybe I can find a way to make this almost daily annoyance a bit more amusing…..Eureka!

The “Weenies”! It’s like an Emmy for your tiny dick.

So…here’s what we’re gonna do – any unsolicited cock shot you boys send me, gets entered for nomination (by me).  Any emails with photos of your genitals that I receive implys your acceptance and acknowledgment of this fact.

Willing participants are also welcomed and encouraged to send their photos for consideration and judgment. Be sure to crop your photo so your face cannot be seen!

At the end of the month, I will publicly post the winners of my weenie awards with a brief explanation as to WHY I chose each selection. Be prepared for probable humiliation if you enter – I enjoy it and this is for MY amusement. However, for those of you who get a rise out of that sort of thing, it’s a two-fold pleasure. Humiliation and exhibitionsim. This humble blog gets a decent number of hits per day – just think of all the people who will be sitting at home laughing as I bestow upon you the award for “most laughably useless” cock.

Great fun, eh?

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