Since there is currently no board aside from TER (that I am familiar with) to post reviews and thank you notes for BDSM services, I have decided to post them here on my blog.

I also see that many of you have  performed a search for a specific “review” section and while there isn’t a particular area for you to directly post your comments, if anyone who has seen me would like to email me their input, I am happy to post it publicly to share with others. I have asked the permission of a few people already and the first one to get back to me has posted his notes below.  I appreciate anyone who sends me an email of their experience with me- the more detailed the better.

REV #1 

Mistress Victoria,
 I wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic evening last night.  The opportunity to experience new things and new sensations is always exciting.  You are a very skilled Dominatrix with an amazing talent for making a person feel comfortable and safe while still terrified.  Again, thank you!
P.S. I absolutely love Your blog, it combines eroticism with humor and I have enjoyed reading every article

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