Vosges Haut Chocolate


Vosges Boutique, Chicago Airport

I’m a chocolate snob. Really – I am. I’m pretty put off by most off the shelf candies as they are PAINFULLY sweet, poorly balanced and generally “not tasty”. I’ve not yet reached the point where I have to import all of my little sugary indulgences, but I’m fairly close.

I have a favorite brand, which luckily is pretty easy to find, Vosges Haut Chocolate. http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/category/new_exotic_bars

Whole Foods just happens to carry their line for about $7 per bar and believe me it’s well worth every penny. Their items are so unique and decadent that there’s no way you finish a whole bar in one sitting. It usually takes me about a week and eating one square per sitting is entirely satisfying.

I am thrilled that Whole Foods carries most of the flavors…with the exception of Peanut Butter Chocolate. I don’t know why they hold out, I always buy  their entire stock the moment I see it on the shelves. Yes I stockpile – I also give it out as gifts, so please don’t envision me sitting in the corner with a small mountain of chocolate bars eating myself into a sugar coma.

So today I was in the check out line and I saw the new “limited edition flavors” – Holy Shit.

Sweet peanut butter toffee/walnuts/deep milk chocolate – Gingerbread/sea salt/nutmeg/dark chocolate – Peppermint/milk chocolate.

I bought duplicates of each bar. Then I went online to their website to see how long they will be in available in stores. Much to my savage disappointment, there are 3, yes count them 3, other bars that Whole Foods neglected to stock. WTF? They can’t pretend that these items don’t fly off the shelves so what gives? Frustrating!

In any event, while I am ranting about Whole foods, I also wanted to write this little blog to recommend Vosges. If any of you guys out there are looking for a treat to give as a small gift for a lady friend – you can’t go wrong. Honestly, you don’t have to know shit about chocolate. Just go to the grocery store, pick up about 4 or 5 different flavored bars and tie a colored bow around it. No woman on the planet would be disappointed with this. Including me! 😉

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