Snow – I love you so much.

I’m from Florida. I think I’ve mentioned that before, but with that said, there’s a joyful novelty in seeing snow. I know it’s a bit silly to you veterans of the North, but I’ve probably only watched it fall from the sky a handfull of times in my life. Truthfully, I haven’t been out of the Sunshine State for very long so when I wake up in a half daze to see the ground outside covered in white patches – I run out to fully embrace the experience.  I’ve always been a Fall/Winter person, but growing up in a place where temperature never dips below about 60 degrees, you feel a bit short-changed.

I’m holed up in my cozy house, 5 floors up, overlooking the icy streets just outside. I desperately want to go out, I want to drive around and enjoy the beautiful weather but I’ve got zero experience driving in real Wintery conditions. It’s a little intimidating and with more thought to it, Seattle is a VERY hilly city. I’ve seen warnings posted for people to stay inside – DON’T DRIVE – unless you absolutely have to. No problem…I can do that. I’ve got nowhere I NEED to go…just a few places I’d like to go.

I was truly amazed Monday night when the wind was blowing fiercely, bringing in inches and inches of snow. I was still feeling great despite the dramatic slow in business, but then much to my amazement people called who were more than ready to see me despite the conditions. 1 person wanted to make a 2 hour drive from Olympia in a 4 wheel drive vehicle…the second person was willing to walk. Walk in a snowstorm?I declined both, but the flattery was overwhelming. Such devotion from two lovely boys. It added to the warm fuzzies I was already feeling by having my snowy fantasies fulfilled but more importantly, it made me feel less isolated. If others were willing to venture outside – I wasn’t trapped. It must not be as bad as I think…I could also head out if really I wanted to.

Now the thrill is wearing down, I am slowing beginning to realize that I am in fact, trapped at home. I don’t have a 4 wheel drive vehicle and I live on a hill. There’s no longer powder on the roads….there’s ice. I’m sure most of you are unphased by it all, but this is still pretty new to me.

 Tomorrow was supposed to be warm enough to melt the remaining ice. I could enjoy a leisurely day speckled with sessions and random outings but from the looks of it (according to temperatures will not reach above 30 degrees. Sigh. What’s a girl to do when she’s stuck inside? I can only walk to the nearby coffee shop so many times. If conditions don’t improve, I’ll just spend all day tomorrow baking. I never did get around to my Thanksgiving shopping….I’m guessing most of you didn’t either….procrastination is a bitch.

Stay Warm Everyone!

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