A treat for everyone…

Unfortunately, my next appointment was involved in a bit of a car accident. He is unharmed and there’s just a little damage to his vehicle, but enough for him to cancel our extended session. Here I sit feeling ferocious, with no one to sink my teeth or claws into. What’s a Domme to do?

We’re going to play…as a group.

I recently hired you in my office to serve my “personal assistant”.  The entire reason for my brining  you on board was for you to make my life easier. Run my errands, tend to my person needs and see that above all – I am totally satisfied with your performance.

Behind my back, I come to find that you have made more than a few personal calls on our business line. You also surf porn sites on your lap top and take longer lunches than I do. Today is the day I’m pulling the plug on your bull shit and reminding you exactly why I hired you in the first place.

I just happened to pick up the wrong extension when I notice your on the phone with a rather sultry sounding female….surely not one of our clients or vendors….who could you possibly be calling? Ah…a phone sex operator during work hours…..classy. Your such a pig, could you really not wait until you got home to “handle your business”? It’s time you come to my office for a little chat.

Please, do come in, I need you to have a seat – we’re going to discuss your performance, or rather lack there of. I’m sure you are well aware that I am VERY disappointed in how things have been turning out since your hire date. You really aren’t acting like you give a shit about this job…after all the bells and whistles you brought out on your interview, I must admit I’m rather shocked.

No no dear….don’t sit in the chair….sit on the floor. In front of me. We need to talk face to face. Let me show you what I’m looking for in an executive assistant.

*I will stop the narration here – the images tell their own story*

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2 Thoughts to “A treat for everyone…”

  1. Bill

    You should spank me for doing that.

  2. Italysub

    I think your personal assistant should serve as your footstool. Those delectable legs and feet deserve it!

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