My little ones…

I had a new visitor come in today for a long-awaited session…one that we had to postpone for a week due to the poor weather conditions. I know I had looked forward to this meeting in particular because, well, I had to wait for it. So when he confirmed again this morning, I was ready to go.

We had a wonderful time – sorry no details can be shared on this one – but one thing he did was so endearing.

He brought a gift, based on a very brief mention of my Labrador from a previous blog posting. I know I had at some point mentioned I had pets – but I know I haven’t talked about it enough for it to be common knowledge. He paid attention….he made note of it…..he thought about pleasing me when it wasn’t yet required of him….

It was so sweet, and apparently, he too is a pet lover. I adore those of you who also love their pets.

Side note: gifts are not the only way to my heart. Sincere thank you notes, text messages or just a simple grateful smile before you fall down in exhaustion, after I’ve used you up, is all the thanks I need….but this week I’ve been gifted on a couple of occasions and it did make my day.

Soooo….for the pirate of my heart, I wanted to post a few photos of my little ones so you can see the faces of the animals you are spoiling. You have my (and their) sincere gratitude.

Mingus Ava - The center of MY universe
Dante War Machine - "Crawling Chaos"
Perfectly adorable - perfectly behaved....for the moment.

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