Anal Curious…

Here’s the thing about anal…. It feels good. Really Good. It multiplies the intensity of orgasms, it stimulates endorphins and it allows you a feeling that’s difficult to come by. It’s not shock that so many people are finally turning in and trying it out. I still manage to get a TON of questions about anal play and most of them seem to be from people who just need a little reassurance before giving it a go. So, for those who care to know – here’s a blog devoted to the most common questions asked!

Q: Does it hurt?

A: It all depends. If done correctly, and by that I mean slowly, then NO…it doesn’t hurt at all! You MUST start small, with a well lubed single finger. NEVER EVER start out with a toy until you are more experienced. Insert slowly, make sure the person being penetrated is relaxed and breathing slowly and steadily. Don’t over think what’s happening, just relax your muscles and enjoy the sensations. If you are having a hard time getting past the thought of what’s going on – try masturbating at the same time…it’s very distracting and it will force your body to relax.

Q: Isn’t it dirty?

A: Well, it can be but not if you prepare.  An enema several hours before  will take care of things. Eat light and don’t drink too much coffee until after you’ve played. You should be squeaky clean! No time for an enema?…proceed with caution! Do make sure your bowels are empty by taking a trip to the rest room and then take a very thorough shower. The person doing the inserting should wear gloves, but I would recommend doing this in ANY scenario.

Q: Are enemas fool-proof?

A: Notice how I mentioned above how they should be done several hours before? Well – this is for a reason. Enemas done RIGHT BEFORE play are useless. It will get you mostly clean, but enemas take time to fully work out of your system. People using them can expect to evacuate several times after the initial bulk of water and waste. You will FEEL as if you are entirely empty, but five minutes later, more and more material is being worked out of you….if you are being pounded by a nice thick anal toy at the time YOU will not notice the warning signs and as soon as the person filling you up pulls out….well let’s just say they will pull out a lot more than just the toy or their finger. I know from experience – don’t question me on this one. This is one reason I will NEVER follow enema play with anal play in my dungeon. I will do them in reverse order but never one after the other.

Q: Does anal sex make me homosexual?

A: No, it most certainly does not. A homosexual is someone who is attracted to members of the same-sex. The enjoyment of anal penetration does not go hand in hand with that. Now, if you enjoy the thought of being penetrated by another male, you may be bisexual (assuming you have an attraction to females as well) but this may be something you simply lust for. It may have nothing to do with you as a person outside of your sex life. Classifications can be complicated – it’s not always so black and white. I personally don’t assume anything about my clients sexual orientation, it’s frankly none of my business. I do not judge and I’m very open-minded. If you enjoy being filled, I leave it at that. You just like it in the ass….simple as that.

Q: Why do I like it?

A: I actually got this as a serious question right in the middle of a very hot scene. Get out of your head already! You enjoy it – who cares why!?! There’s a LOT of wonderful nerve endings surrounding the area, so despite your hang ups,  you are built to enjoy anal stimulation. It isn’t necessarily psychological….there’s a very clear physical explanation as to why it feels amazing.

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