I can’t roll my eyes any harder!

“Why can’t you just dominate meeee?”, he whined sharply into the phone. My teeth clenched, mercifully holding back my natural sharp tongued response. I wanted to slap him, a grown man having a hissy fit because he was being told NO.

In my head I fondly recalled such tantrums being thrown right in front of me by some of my adult babies. Their diapers rustling as their faces turned red at the thought of being turned down by an unflinchingly stern mommie….but my adult babies had more grace and tact than this boy….and I found them more enjoyable.

What a question…why can’t I just dominate you? (Aren’t I doing so already by rejecting you?) Why not take in anyone who calls me without a clue what they want and engage in deeply personal, highly sexual acts of BDSM. Why not? It doesn’t matter if I know my play partner or not, right? It doesn’t matter if I know your limits, your interests or your fantasies….I should just accept all calls, give my address and do the same old thing to everyone who darkens my door step? Riiiiiiight? – I shot back at him before slamming down the phone.

I’ve been accused of not being “newbie friendly” before and I laugh at the thought. It was by a gent who didn’t understand why I needed to know some vital things about him before I just let him come for an appointment. “Well can’t we just meet up and talk?” he reasonably asked. Well no, to be quite honest, I haven’t yet determined if we are compatible to even sit down and talk. He was stunned.

Let me interject here, that about 50% of the calls I get are NOT serious inquiries. My questions weed out those who either a) think I offer sex, b) just wanted to talk to a dominatrix to see what they sound like or c)are actively masturbating. These questions save me from wasting a LOT of time, so yes to see me in the first place you have to follow the rules.

I do beg to differ on his comment though, I am in fact VERY newbie friendly. The thing is, I am personally interested in both my craft and your good time. Every Mistress has their ‘thing’ and mine is that I’m highly technical and imaginative, I need to know the very basics of what drove you to call in the first place before I can rock your world. It doesn’t seem like a lot to ask, does it? I’m certainly not comparing BDSM to anything else in the world, but would you go to a restaurant and look at the server like she has several heads when she hands you the menu? If you are tired of vanilla ice cream, you are going to have to be just a wee bit more specific.  I don’t need your life story and I don’t need to know every sexual thought you’ve ever had, but should should at the very least be able to convey with excites you about seeing a Mistress. It lends to a better appointment, one more geared towards interests you’ve expressed…or if you haven’t even found out what your interests are at that point, it leads me in a direction to help you find what those new kinks might be for you. Everyone starts somewhere, and if I’m to be your first Dominant – I intend on making a strong impression.

So before you rush off to pick up the phone and schedule with me – ready yourself to answer these questions….

  1. What areas of interest were you looking to explore?
  2. Are you a submissive, masochist, a fetishist or a kinky explorer? (Please indicate if more than one of these apply to you.)
  3. Have you done this before? (If not, don’t worry – you’re in good hands!)
  4. Do you have any known limits OR physical restrictions?

 From just this tiny bit of information I can now up with something we BOTH enjoy. The operative word is BOTH.  I am a Mistress, not a public servant. I must enjoy it or I won’t participate.

I am not just a dominatrix because I am solely interested in YOUR pleasure. No, not at all. I am in it for myself as well. I chose this career before I ever met you – so don’t forget behind it all, I’m doing this to get myself off. 

What I enjoy most in a session or in a slave for that matter, is their ability to FEED MY ENERGY.  Not your ability to take pain, how much you tip, or your ability to follow me around like an obedient dog – no…It’s how much energy I can make you expel in my presence.

When I know I’ve got someone completely wound up, on the edge of a a very powerful explosion  or under the deep waters of their subspace – in that moment – you belong to me. You are at the PEAK of ecstasy in a  moment WE created. I’m possessive that way, who would have thought?!

If I can’t get you to that place – there’s nothing in it for me aside from the donation you place in the box. That’s an empty feeling boys, so I am highly motivated to make you scream my name in ecstatic glory and unending praise – It feeds my insatiable, lustful ego.

Now dear whiney caller, why can’t I just dominate you? Why can’t I just let a bitchy little boy into my dungeon who openly confesses he doesn’t even think he’d be interested in anything I have to offer – he just likes the look of a woman in latex? Because I am already bored of you and you are frankly not interesting to me. I would much rather take up one of the MANY obedient pets who patiently wait for my availability, who schedule politely, convey their interests (or curiosities), arrive on time, enjoy my company and leave with an exhausted look and a giddy grin on their faces. If you can’t follow my rules, I have no need for you.

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2 Thoughts to “I can’t roll my eyes any harder!”

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    1. bruce

      I agree totally MISTRESS.
      A person should have some inkling as to what they want, desire and need before they call, if there really serious. And, May be in conversation about it they might run across another interest they might like. I know mine are ever evolving, At times I like it very sentual, but also prefer stern directions, and others pain and mind bending control of my body and…SOUL>>>>>>>:)

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