He dangles on MY string…

Let’s me first say that I proceed with the full consent of the individual involved in this situation. He is well aware of my plans and intentions – mutually we proceed with a very thrilling, scary and invigorating game of cat and mouse.

This is called “Project Blackmail” and this is “porn star”.

That name was chosen simply from the numerous videos/photos I took of him in our session. He was dressed in a variety of sissifying costumes and made to do some very intriguing things for me to capture on film.

Many images and videos aren’t going to see the light of day, his full face, personal info and real life information (ssn, addy, workplace, bosses name etc..) are all involved in a good portion of these. It was at his request (and my enthusiastic agreement) to intensify the trust between us.

The thing is, now that I have these images, I’ve decided (with consent) to post them on my blog and website. The only thing that stands between thrilling exhibitionism and outright public shame, exploitation and violation of privacy is my desire to properly blur his face before posting any images. Really this blog is just for him and I. To demonstrate that I am in control here, not just of his enjoyment – but in this very moment, his entire life. Ah…

So, what’s this boy going to do to keep me happy? Appease me in small ways….wear panties to work and cum in them (take photos for me) and wear those dirty panties all day. dress up like a baby or a dog and clean my dungeon floor to cleaning with a rag I’ve stuffed into his mouth.¬†Little things…things he DOES NOT enjoy necessarily, but he does them at this point to buy my silence.

Now, why post it in public forum? Well to make this a game we can all enjoy. I open the floor to you all – if you’d like to see porn star do something vulgar or humiliating, email me privately and it will be done – additionally, I will post a photo to prove he’s completed his project.

I expect a mixed response with this one. Some will think it’s thrilling to give your Mistress details about your personal life that could ultimately ruin you and others are cringing at the recklessness of it all. It’s not for everyone, but blackmail is powerful and I’m not just any fly by night irresponsible Top. His secrets are safe – as long as he complies.

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  1. Jeff

    Dress him up like a baby.

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