Let’s not over think this…


“Mistress, why do you think I like ______”.

 This questions hits me all to often. It’s usually after I’ve finally gotten a nervous submissive to confesses his darkest desires or when we are shamelessly and unabashedly acting out whatever things they’ve held back from in their vanilla lives. Their minds begin to drift off and they inevitably ask me that cringe inducing question of “why”.

Of course, there’s certainly a comfort in being able to focus on a definable moment in the past and say THIS is where my fetish began. It’s comfortable because there’s a way  to justify it, as if you can blame the very moment in time itself for your ongoing curiosity. Here’s the thing though,  you most likely aren’t going to  find a clear-cut answer because fetishes are not always caused by an event or a person….more importantly, it ultimately doesn’t matter WHY you like what you like….you just do.

So how’s this for pacification, we are animals and we lust.

Think about it. We lust…not just sexually, but in an all encompassing sense. We want what we want because we want it. Simple human nature.

We gravitate to what appeals to us and our primal core doesn’t give a flying fuck what that particular thing is. Be it a nice dinner out or a Mistress who dresses you up like a sissy slut every Thursday after work – It triggers a satisfaction, it brings us to a point of elevation, and it fuels the fires of vigorous eroticism.

Your fetishes don’t define you so let’s not deviate to ponder the “why’s”…Let’s just be glad there are things on earth that make us feel so sexually gratified.

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