The absolute destruction of slave jeremy.

I have a boy who regularly serves as my door mat.

His place is at my feet, crawling after me like a snake on his belly. You see he’s not permitted to stand or kneel in my presence, lest I kick him down.  He knows this now because he’s experienced the tip of my steel toed boot connecting with his gut on more than one occasion. I just don’t like the way he looks when he is upright, it seems unnatural to me. At first, he was a slow learner….

When he arrives my door is unlocked, he lets himself in and moves immediately to the changing room. He disrobes and attaches the handcuffs I have left on the table to his wrists behind his back. Only when he is naked and cuffed, can he exit the room, squirming through my dungeon to find me. I always laugh at the effort he must exert to crawl all the way to where I sit, which naturally is on the far side of the dungeon. My giggles lead him to me.

He waits patiently while I decide what I will do with him that particular day. His training is never the same but he is in the midst of being dehumanized for my pleasure. Our training has been frequent, a twice a month meeting that lasts about 90 minutes each time. He is  also indefinitely in chastity, wearing a CB6000 tightly secured around his pathetically limp little dick. Since see no use for it,  I have locked it up – keeping both keys under my bed. I have only seen a need to let him use his pathetic dick twice in the past 4 months. Once during a forced bi scenario, and once again when I did not allow him to eat for 3 days- his cum was the only thing he was permitted to consume until a full 72 hours had passed. This worm is everything I despise in human nature, and I have taken it upon myself to correct him – to break him down and use him up….then maybe, just maybe, I will retrain him so that he remains nothing but a perfectly submissive gentleman.

This boy came to me as a very arrogant man, one who prided himself far too much on what he accomplished in life. He had money, education and looks (he thought so at least), but he had absolutely no depth, no humanity, no beauty, no true intellect and no personality. One thing he had to his credit is his obedience to a woman of my caliber. He elevated me above others and so, saw me fit to train him. He too disliked what he had become and desperately wanted to change things. His general disdain for the fairer sex made me decide to just destroy him. I am not a female supremacist, but I do demand that ALL women be respected. He saw them as objects and arm candy. Disgusting.

This week, I have put him in a strict macrobiotic diet, forced him to hire a personal trainer, burn his porn collection, throw off ALL male undergarments in favor of super slutty satin thongs. He will also take every woman in his law firm out to lunch, one at a time, where he will deliver a very sincere apology for any and all inappropriate and arrogant behavior he has displayed towards them. For this, I will remove his chastity device for only 30 minutes. I have NOT yet told him, that he will only be receiving tease and denial…emphasis on denial, before I secure it back on. He still has a LOT to learn about me if he honestly believes I will let him relieve himself this week.

I am endlessly amused that his chastity makes him crazy, driving him to such absolute lengths to please me, all in the hopes of me allowing him to take the device off of an unsupervised weekend. No such thing will ever happen…He’s offered to buy the keys from me, to give me his car, to have my initials tattooed on his ankle. All of this is entirely appetizing, but again, the offers come from a selfish place….showing me I must continue with my strict and unflinching determination. I’ve decided that since this will be an ongoing experiment, that I would like to write in here every week or so to update you on my little worm boy. Together we can watch him grow or fail…Either way, it will serve as a testament to my enthusiasm for discipline.

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