Destroying slave jeremy Part 2

Recently, I mentioned a slave I’ve been breaking down for a little while, jeremy.

This is in fact his real name, and I *DO* intentionally use it to humiliate him. With me, he is not allowed to have a “slave name”, I wouldn’t want him to distance himself for the training and submission he is experiencing. This is no fantasy for him, it is simply ball busting reality.

In my last post, I mentioned how he was to take every woman in his law firm out to lunch and offer a genuine apology for his general shitty behavior. He tends to forget that even a man of his self proclaimed “stature” is still expected to be a gentleman.  So, off he went taking each lady out to what he began to call an “appreciation lunch”. I am rather shocked he managed to hold himself together, opening doors, pulling out their chairs and giving them all his full attention during the meal. He did know that time out of his chastity device was at stake, so to be fair he would have endured anything for this particular reward.

He arrived at my dungeon all smiles. Squirming on his belly from the changing room to the cozy chair where I sat. I paid no attention to him as he restlessly tried to get me to look down on him. He seemed so desperate…maybe I had been teasing about unlocking the device!?! Maybe all that effort was for nothing. He was so pathetic, still being entirely selfish.

Of course I had a plan, and a rather vile one at that. I would unlock his device and I would force him to ejaculate, but I had long-planned to destroy the orgasm. I never promised him an orgasm. he he he.. I took the keys from under my bed and dangled it above my writhing little worm. He was easy to take out of the plastic cock cage, but immediately a pesky erection began springing up out of control. I rolled my eyes and physically dragged him by the feet to my “medical room”. He’s not a particularly heavy guy, but I’m stronger than I look. He was quite shocked I so easily dragged him across the room like a sack of dirt.

I left his hands bound behind him as he lay facing up at me. His eyes begging, like a puppy dog, for some sweet release. I ginned and climbed to the floor, letting my silky hair and lush dewy skin to brush against his. My hot breath caressed his ear as I whispered a reminder that this would be his “reward”. He had no idea what was in store exactly, but he looked like he could cum at even the slightest feather touch. I backed away to grab some tools out of his line of sight but he knew instantly what I had in store when I returned to view.

I would indeed let him cum….but only with a destroyed orgasm. Now, what some of you may not know is that a destroyed orgasm isn’t really an orgasm at all. It is a process where you build up feverishly to the point where you are just about to dissolve into waves of bliss – and someone or something comes along to interrupt the process. At this point, you are too close so you can’t help but ejaculate, but since you were forced to stop masturbating or whatever you were doing to get off, the pleasure of the experience in essentially destroyed. The orgasm is pathetically weak – all that work for nothing.

I won’t divulge specifics but I allowed jeremy to get to that amazing point of explosive pleasure, his face red, body flush, and pulse racing. I encouraged him with sultry purring words and the imagery of myself standing above him. I had worn a rather short skirt that day and thigh high stockings which matched my impossibly high stilettos. He glared at my figure shamelessly as he drew nearer and nearer to the finish line. I allowed his to look at me with such vulgarity because I knew it would be short-lived. He began to breath in spurts, I quickly and sharply kicked the “masturbatory tool” out of his hand and pressed the heel of my 7 inch heels square into his balls. He screamed as sticky white fluid shot from him involuntarily. I had again succeeded in removing what little pleasure this boy had in front of him.

My plans go deeper than this…I tossed him a specimen jar to collect his fluids. He still isn’t 100% sure why, but it will take a few “batches” of semen for me to complete my plan. I will be freezing them until I have enough, but I have an absolutely vile plan for when I’ve collected the proper amount.

I locked jeremy’s limp little dick back into the CB6000 and uncuffed his hands. He took a moment before getting up…his mind reeling from had just happened. The mind bending sensuality he had hoped for was dashed to pieces and now he was again locked up in very strict chastity until I felt bored enough to again let him out.

I wasn’t quite done with him though. I had detected a SLIGHT hint of attitude from him while he booked his last appointment. I knew he was at work (tisk tisk) and was not giving me his full and proper attention. Perhaps I needed to do something to remind him that I don’t tolerate being one of the items he’s multi tasking.

I pulled out a set of thick steel anal beads, cool to the touch and bulging with their round ripe appearance. jeremy, still naked was dragged close to my side and tossed like a rag doll over my knee. I gave him a solid blistering hand spanking before inserting the 4 cold metal balls deep inside his asshole. He moaned and winced as they penetrated him, filling him nicely. I explained while continuing another volley of painful swats to his ass, that he would keep these balls inserted for the remainder of the day. I had put a temperature strip in the last ball that would turn blue if at any point the ball’s temperature dropped below 95 degrees. Of course this was not something I told jeremy, he could easily have pulled them out and put them in warm water. Instead I would test to see if he could be trusted. He would return to work and come back when he had finished – I would pull the balls out myself and check the strip in front of him. If it was still green – meaning he had honestly left them in – I would consider allowing him a real orgasm. If the strip was blue – chastity for a month solid.

I will update you all on what color the strip was……

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