Destroying slave jeremy Part 3

If you haven’t read the previous two postings on this topic – go back and read them first. There’s just too much you’ve missed to pick up at this point.

Picking up where we left off…

After a very long day at work, jeremy came by my dungeon looking a little green in the face. The anal beads being stuffed up inside of him for hours had left him with a sense of
“urgency” to remove them. I stripped him myself upon arrival, a deviation from our normal routine, and asked him to squat in front of me and pull out the beads. His once sharply pressed suit lay in a crumbled pile on my floor, now serving as a drop cloth for jeremy to hover over as he removed the beads.

Despite his absolute need to be humiliated in various ways, he simply HATED being forced to do such things in front of me, but at this point he knew better than to show any sign of protest.

 His fingers probed his tight little hole, reaching for the string that held the thick silver beads in place. His face blushed furiously as he gingerly slid out the series of balls until they were entirely free. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a louder sigh of relief come from someone…lol He began to take notice of the odd colored strip I had placed on the final ball. I can’t imagine for the life of me why he would be shocked I had figured a way to monitor him, but luckily the strip was still green. He had left them in!!!

I admit, I couldn’t believe it. I had already planned a series of punishments for his inevitable failure and disobedience, but he had behaved! It was amazing…I think I’m finally beginning to break this little pussy!

Ah, so he had FINALLY deserved a real orgasm, one that I wouldn’t destroy or deny at the last-minute. Who would have thought?

His chastity and lack of physical pleasure was beginning to take a toll on him, but this weakened pathetic state had made him so very pliable. After tonight, I would still be holding the keys to his chastity device, so I was still confident he would remain just as eager to please and serve me as he had been this week. The lesson here boys and girls is that you can drive someone mad with sexual repression. The best way to have a boy follow your every commend is to control his orgasms. Any hope of pleasure is entirely at your sadistic whim, who would antagonize or disobey the woman in charge of your manhood?

Anyway, I let jeremy sit in front of me and look me in the eyes while we spoke, I wanted to absorb the look on his face when I finally announced that he had met my expectations and I would allow him to orgasm without hinderance. His face lit up like a kid at Christmas, but of course there was a hint of skepticism, he knew me so well.

I left him for a brief moment to grab something from the freezer, a small half full ice-cube tray. He looked confused, but his excitement for whatever I had up his sleeve kept him from making the stupid mistake of questioning me.

I crouched next to him and looked him square in the eye, holding his chin in my hand. “You’ll come for me today, but you’re going to fill up the rest of this tray.” This of course, was an impossible task. There’s no way for him to produce enough fluid to complete my request, but he had his orders and that’s the only thing that mattered. I rested comfortably next to him, pulling out a Vogue magazine to pass the time while he beat away at his pathetic dip stick. I’m not sure how much time I allowed to pass, but after his third exhausting orgasm, he finally gave up. I peered over the top of my magazine to see a completely worn out slave, entirely red in the face and covered in sweat. Breathlessly, he begged for more time, another chance to finish filling up the tray. He just COULDN’T cum again, it was impossible.

I took the tray from him and slid it into the freezer. I was getting much closer to my goal of having all 12 cubes full of this sticky white fluid, but close isn’t good enough.

“You will come back tomorrow morning – before work and I will milk you. Get some sleep, because tomorrow I will use whatever energy your pathetic body has left.” I shot back at him angrily.

I knew that engaging in something so strenuous before work would leave him essentially useless for the rest of the day, but I had plans to take care of that as well. This boy was on my hook and he loved every minute of it. No matter how cruel I am, how twisted my requests (and no, I haven’t shared all of them with you yet) he comes back for more – over and over again. How lovely is it to have a boy to helplessly and hopelessly enslaved to you?….

More to come….or should I say cum….later.

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