Destroying slave jeremy Part 4

It was the next morning when jeremy timidly knocked on my door, he had come for his AM milking.

Despite how thoroughly exhausted he was from last night, he was eager to come back for some additional treatment. He had become like a sexual camel, taking any opportunity I would allow him to fill his own needs before cruelly looking him back into chastity for who knows how long. I’ve grown very fond of our game actually…he’s typically so composed, so confident even arrogant, but not anymore. Now, to me, he’s become a sniveling little worm who’s entirely desperate to keep me happy. You see, this poor little narcissistic boy just needed a very strong female influence in his life to help his get his priorities straight!

So this milking scene needed to happen quickly today. Much to my personal disappointment, I needed to make sure I had this pony drained and cleaned up so he could be off to seize the day.

I snapped my fingers and he immediately disrobed…actually disrobed is a terrible way to describe it, more so, he ripped his clothes off as if they were actively on fire. Today I would demand 3 rounds from him, but the first two he would use to make a performance for me. I needed to be amused if I was going to skip my morning bubble bath to torture my man slut.

With my morning coffee in hand, I slipped into the soft leather of my couch, my eyes focused on jeremy as he knelt in front my me beginning his “work”. I had taken his aluminum water bottle and emptied it out, handing it back to him to catch his fluids. He tugged away at his pathetic dipstick until after only about a minute he exploded into the bottle. I picked up the tv remote and begin flipping through the channels, entirely unimpressed by his lack of stamina. Perhaps the weather channel would be more interesting….I wasn’t getting the performance I had asked for. Some boys know how to amuse a Mistress with their ejaculations…they try to squirt it high and catch it into their mouths or in this case, into a bottle. This is only one of many examples, but there are certainly ways to make things entertaining for a woman who is starting down your every movement.

Jeremy took my turning the tv on as a challenge and immediately began with round two, huffing and puffing to impress me with his display of masculinity. I continued to sip my coffee with my attention pinned to the weather for the week. Ah, a cold front, lovely!

From the corner of my eye, I could see my man whore beginning to turn  very unattractive shade of red, maybe he’d pass out from sheer effort alone….that would certainly sway me to cast a glance un his direction. Ah, what the hell – I snapped suddenly, staring deeply into his eyes I ordered him – cum now!!! As any good boy would, a near 10 seconds later he was again scrambling to release into his bottle. “Silly worm…you are SO easy, aren’t you!?”

Now that the first obligatory two shots were over, the real fun could begin! Jeremy collapsed to the floor like a worthless sack of dirt, I expected as much – actually I was counting it. I was now able take him. I shoved jeremy onto his back and harnessed his legs up so he was spread like the whore he is. The lubed toy I had kept out of sight until now, slipped beautifully into his unexpecting hole. He didn’t seem shocked by my violation, in fact he began to become erect for the third time this morning. “Ah, so you like my little toy, do you? Let me show you how it works”. This was one of my favorite insertable toys -a nice fat inflatable, vibrating butt plug. He would be unable to squeeze it out no matter how hard he tried and I was able to sit back and watch him squirm as I worked the controls.

With a flurry of vibrations and inflations, larger, smaller, the sensation of being filled over took my boy and pushed him to his third and final explosion. I hadn’t expected him to be such a hair-trigger today, but who can really blame him. I was simply stunning  and he could hardly contain himself when I gave him even a snippet of my attention. I took the bottle and dismissed him to clean up.

Now I finally had enough white fluid for my devious and dirty plan. I took the aluminum cup and added the frozen cubes from the previous milking sessions, I was surprised I had the patience to collect this much from him, did but it would all be worth it. With jeremy changing in the other room, I slowly added a bit of room temperature water to the contents of the bottle, watching it slowly melt into a single consistency.  I now had about 3/4 cup of liquid, which poured so easily into my cock shaped freezer mold. I found this mold at some random sex store in Florida, I suppose it was for some bachelorette party – maybe it’s supposed to be used to make a jello penis or penis ice pops. Well, I was going to make ice pops out of it….except for me, I’d be using jeremy’s cum.

I allowed him to leave for the day, not telling him about the cock mold I had hardening in my freezer for him. He’d find out about it next time, but today, I’d give my poor boy a break. I locked him back into his chastity device and sent him off to work.

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3 Thoughts to “Destroying slave jeremy Part 4”

  1. Mike

    So so hot….where do I sign?

  2. midas

    Jeremy is a lucky boy. I would do anything to be kept like this. To have my life decided for me in ink on a signed contract. You are simply breath-taking and marvelous.

    1. Midas – Jeremy is only one of many boys I have on such treatment…I simply make an example of him in particular because he would like to one day wear my collar.

      If you are so inclined to experience this type of use and abuse, you are always welcome to call me to discuss.

      I do thank you though for the warm compliments! It made my day.

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