Destroying slave jeremy Part 5

It was about a week later, another long stretch for poor jeremy locked in his strict chastity device. I on the other hand, enjoyed a very active week as I usually do. Plenty of time with my darling Isla, shooting debauched videos for her website and  basically fucking like rabbits when we weren’t tending to our work.  I was soaking in my casual break from jeremy when the irritating phone calls and emails began.

It wasn’t like him to pester me, his usual etiquette was one call, one voice mail and he would politely wait for me to respond….at my leisure.

He wasn’t in any sort of danger, he was just worked up like an unneutered dog, which pushed away all logic from his horny head. Apparently, his little brain was calling the shots and it seemed that “mini jeremy” thought it would be a great idea to annoy his Dominatrix.

7 (yes really) voice mails and 3 emails in a 3 day period later, I considered banning him from my dungeon.  Apparently, it never occurred to him that his desires take a back seat to everything else in my world, most importantly my daily clients. The attention I had been showing him both in person and in my blog had gone to his head. He needed to be put back in his place and reminded that my time is more valuable to me than his.

After a long day of violently passionate sessions, I allowed jeremy over, beckoning him to my medical room as soon as I heard the door close behind him. He crawled to me on all fours and took to undressing without being prompted, gingerly folding his suit and placing it on the floor . His entire demeanor radiated fear and lust, the anticipation and uncertainty of my temperament today was fueling his blind desire. I’m sure he had imagined 100 times over how I might “discipline” him for his thoughtlessness this week. How pathetic and predictable – I don’t think any Mistress enjoys being intentionally provoked by some smart ass submissive.

Regardless, I ordered him to lie undressed and face up on my medical table. I didn’t say a word and simply began attaching my 4 point restraints – all limbs secured tightly in a spread eagle position. I was aware he wouldn’t struggle no matter what I did, but I enjoy the dynamic of CFNM settings and of putting someone in such vulnerable bondage. To me, there is nothing more imposing than strictly tying all four limbs wide apart.

I slipped away for a moment to grab some things from my freezer, a glass full of ice cubes and my icy semen dildo. I kept it at my side, out of his line of sight.

It wasn’t long before the chill of my fan began to wear on him, goosebumps raced across his skin and his limbs trembled slightly in their bonds. I pulled a small ice-cube out of the glass and traced it along jeremy’s chest and legs; the goosebumps stiffened as the cube melted slowly into cascading trails of water. I chose a much larger cube and set it just above his tool. jeremy is shaved, so there is notsafety net of pubic hair to catch the freezing water as it melted into his chastity device.

I continued to place these cubes all along his body, eyeing them as they dissolved on his hot skin. His teeth were starting to chatter and I could tell he desperately wanted to break into a full body shiver. He had correctly assumed that dropping even one ice-cube from where I had placed it would result in swift and severe punishment, and it would not be the kind he was attempting to solicit from me.

When most of the frozen water had dribbled away, I casually lit a clove cigarette. I don’t smoke often, but this was a special occasion. I was celebrating the day jeremy would have his first “mark” made by me.  He had begged me for one in the past, but this would be the day. Despite his obvious attempt to draw my focus of fury down on him – I would make this an excruciating experience for him to remember.

“Aww….what’s wrong darling, you look absolutely frozen!” I purred, blowing a puff of smoke into his face.  “Are you uncomfortable, jeremy?”

“Yes, Mistress” he chattered through his shaking teeth.

I took a deep drag from my clove and flicked the ashes from the tip, they landed in soft burning patches on his stomach that extinguished rather quickly.

“Thank you Mistress”…

I brought the tip of the lit end and hovered it above where I had laid my trail of cubes. His skin was already pink from the frost, I am sure he couldn’t feel the burning ash just a fraction of an inch above his tender flesh. Perhaps I should move it to where I hadn’t put the ice…maybe his nipples. I teasingly touched him ever so quickly with the lit end as I made my way up his torso. He flinched instinctually though the pain was minimal.

I took a few puffs, relaxing my nerves as I leaned just above him. My ashes falling into his face and mouth as I examined his tiny soft nipples. I was transfixed by their relative “virginity”, I hadn’t really scratched the surface with any sort of NT on jeremy so far and his pink skin still looked pristine. Not for long – I touched the orange tip firmly to his right nipple, his face lighting up and contorting as I smiled gleefully. The skin began to swell immediately, it would blister perfectly! I looked him in the eyes, inches above his face, “jeremy” I whispered “ask me to burn the left one too.” As any good boy would, he didn’t hesitate for a second. I was so enthused by his obedience that I don’t think I let him get the entire sentence out before my embers were pushing into the left nipple. I could swear for a moment the room smelled of bacon…lol.

I stepped away from my writhing boy to put out my clove, taking one final, very satisfying puff before smashing it out on my marble fireplace. I couldn’t help but note how comfortable and relaxed I was before jeremy’s moans interrupted my train of thought. “Were not done here darling”, I said as I pulled out my ice/sperm dildo, letting it pass into his line of sight. In an instant he now understood all the milkings. I had replicated a cock for him out of his own fluids. Well, he hoped they were all HIS fluids, I should say. They were, but I never confirmed that to him.

I didn’t say a word before he opened his mouth like a hungry dog, he wanted to suck it, to taste the salty white excretion. I worked the dildo in and out of his mouth, being careful to not let too much of it dissolve down his throat. He had gotten a good taste of it, actually more than I wanted, but I still had enough left to fuck him with. I am sure he knew where I was going with this all along and had only hoped to sway me into letting him suck it all down. I had planned from the beginning to fuck him with it and I would not be deterred. His legs were tied down hard so there was no resistance at all as I slid the slippery, icy rod into his ass. All he could say was “Oh god Mistress, that’s so fucking hot.” Crass, but I loved the compliment.

jeremy wouldn’t be getting off today and he knew it, the chastity device was kept on while I pumped away into his tight little hole. I worked him over soundly before I noticed the structure becoming fragile, I had to make the decision to let it break off inside of him and melt away in its own sweet time or remove it….

More to come…. ah….stopping in the middle of a climax – how appropriate.

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