Victorian Play

I’ve always been very fond of Victorian style BDSM – what’s not to love really?

For me, it was one of the earliest influences on my sexuality; I was very fond of the literature and imagery I could easily find online or even in the library (can you imagine)! The elegance of the ladies, well corseted, hair tied up tightly above in their high collar and long-waisted dresses. It became the absolute image of female grace and beauty.

Several years later – enter the Strict Head Mistress. I saw a video, my god what a video – I consider it my first porn really. A lovely Victorian woman, named Rebecca, held charge of an all girls boarding school. She was frighteningly beautiful, very poised and calculated and entirely strict. Just as you would suspect.

There were plenty of scenes showing girls walking to her office, down a long corridor, the door would open and you’d catch a glimpse of Madame Rebecca in her long gown, cane or birch in hand, taking the naughty young girl into her office to inevitably bend over her desk.

Let me pause here – my heart is simply all a flutter.

Now that I am a grown woman myself, I reflect to find that I still carry that ideal of feminine beauty.  I still, very often mimic the poise and distinct exactness of such Victorian women. Enacting scenes where I dress in the same restrictive, lacy but still erotic attire – my very own collection of spanking implements, and more than a small crowd of willing submissive to bend over my very own oak desk.

There was a brief pause in my career where this type of play fell out of style, there are often trends in BDSM culture and this was no exception. I accepted that and continued to get my kicks in many many other ways.

Recently, I received an email from a long time blog follower…we’ve chatted a few times in letters, casual comments and so forth until more recently he confessed a deep interest in a specific scene. I immediately had my own ideas for what would transpire, but this young lad took it upon himself to order and ship me his own punishment tools. Days later a rather large box arrived to my doorstep, inside a long thick birch and a durable cane with a no slip handle….

I am filled with a sort of “violent lust” just thinking about it.

In any event, for any type of discipline scene I like to have a very real reason to punish someone ,I don’t like imagined reasons or things made up on the spot to fit a scene. I need something genuine.

Luckily, without even realizing it, this boy had given me a reason . Yes, darling – I mean YOU. As I had mentioned, he had sent his gifts in advance to ensure I had them in time for the session – his mistake…..sending them well before he would be free to have me use them on him. So now they sit in my dungeon, the long twiny birch rod next to the well oiled slender cane just waiting to sink themselves into tender flesh. I’ve soaked them, prepped them and admired them for a few days, their quality is immaculate I must say, but even more of a reason to garner a bit of frustration on my part in needing to wait for him.

Now, for good measure, a fresh lump of ginger sits in my fridge ready to be peeled and carved into a nice butt plug for my naughty toy. A firey figging will do just beautifully after I welt his nervous little bottom for making his Dominatrix wait.

Let his punishment be a lesson to you all.

Side note: I wanted to include a photo of a classical Victorian Head Mistress in this posting, so I went ahead and did a google search for images – much to my surprise one of MY old pictures came up in the search. So fitting. It’s too outdated to use, but it certainly made my day.

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4 Thoughts to “Victorian Play”

  1. seattle boy

    Great post and picture. Maybe you’ll post a picture of his welted bottom after his punishment?

  2. Jay

    Thank you again for a beautiful post. The erotic pictures your words paint are incredible. The reference to figging was especially hot. (pardon the pun please). Anyway, thank you again from a lurker who hopes to meet you sometime soon…

  3. edjt

    I’ve read Victorian erotica where the fig was inserted a few minutes before the start of the whipping to discourage clenching of the buttocks. And yes, a picture of a birched and caned bottom would be fun to see.

  4. kinky guy

    Yes, having a picture of his bottom posted after the punishment seems fair.

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