Sunday bloody Sunday…

So, I just wanted to mention that my new photos won’t actually be posted until Monday or Tuesday instead of today/early tomorrow. The shoot was good, not great  so I’ve got some scrutinizing to do. I will say it was not at  all the fault of my awesome photographer, I just failed to do my hair/make up to my own liking and it is reflected in many of the images. It’s amazing how a small detail like that will completely throw off an entire day of shooting.

In any event, to those who have been wondering what ever happened to jeremy, don’t worry – I haven’t off-ed him. I promise he’s still alive and kicking! We’ve had quite a few engaging sessions since my last posting but they do take quite a bit of time to write/edit. I know you are all curious to know how I’m slowly taking over his life, but I don’t have nearly as much free time to do this as I’d like, so longer stories like his will be slow coming during my busier times. I will continue to update my blog in other ways in the meantime and you all will just have to be thankful for it.


I may be adding another boy to my exploitation list, a new chastity slave who recently cut his lock to gain freedom from the crushing pain of a CB6000. He’s been relocked, but it still remains that he cut himself free without consulting me. It was a true act of desperation, but I am seeking very active ways to punish him aside from denying him physical pleasure or the privelidge of coming to my dungeon. Perhaps recounting to my public how he suffers for me will suffice and bring him back to my good graces…

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!



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One Thought to “Sunday bloody Sunday…”

  1. Robert

    How masculine is your new chastity toy? Depending, maybe feminize him and make him a cock slut since he doesn’t have a dick anymore.
    Until he sees you again, maybe send him to the store to buy himself some panties, etc

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