Destroying slave jeremy part 6 *Interactive Version*

Poor jeremy is growing ever more desperate, he has been locked in chastity for over a month now with absolutely no break for release. I know it sounds cruel, but aside from what I write here, he does plenty to deserve such treatment.
I have put off writing about him simply because I am so very amused by how he acts when he is well aware he’s NOT on my mind. So what has he done lately to try to bribe me into letting him free?
First a trip to the spa! At first I thought, how thoughtful! A little gift card arrived in the mail for me, it wasn’t extravagant, just enough for a mani and pedi. The thought is what counts and I found this to be a very charming and selfless gift.
Next, came a new set of CBT toys! I thought this was in response to my mentioning how another slave had recently sent me some corporal toys in the mail which I was clearly happy about. Was jeremy jealous that I was writing about another toy? It’s very much in his character and I have made quite a point of ignoring him between “uses”.  But wait, now this is curious….how would I use these toys if he was locked up in a chastity cage? Hummm….
He wanted me relaxed by the spa and ready with new equipment – equipment that I would have to unlock him to use. Clever – but not going to happen jeremy.
The next thing was a poem! He’s a terrible writer, but the gist of it was him pledging his undying devotion to me with an enclosed photo of himself in the device! This must be a reminder that he’s still suffering for me. The keys to his lock are hung on my bedpost. I am reminded highly of how he suffers – no photo reminder needed.
Now here’s where things get really interesting boys and girls. At the end of the email he sent me a link to a well-known bdsm store. The specific link was to a page set to some of his favorite toys. Ah…he’s sending me a link to a website where I can select a gift for myself – to use on him. I do love bdsm toys, but his heart was not in the right place. All of these toys would require me to unlock the device, which is silly because I’ve made it repeatedly clear to him that it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. I’m enjoying this torture – don’t attempt to redirect me.
I respond simply that while I appreciate yet another gift, I’m really in the mood for latex. I have been craving some serious latex clothing for a while but haven’t devoted the time needed to pick the right outfit. There are a TON of different styles, colors and patterns I love, but I am hard pressed to pick just one or two for myself.  I added if he were to surprise me with a particular item, it would relieve me of the duty in having to choose something. I wasn’t expecting anything from him at this point, but I did become very annoyed to get a small box of toys HE SELECTED from the website he sent me. These were ordered AFTER our little email back and forth.
Oh jeremy – you’re on such thin ice.
What he seems to be unaware of is that he’s very transparent. In all his years of being an arrogant ans selfish prick, he’s neglected to learn anything about being suave and charismatic. His approaches are brash and obvious, yet he thinks no one sees beyond them. Whatever.
I will be using your toys on another fine chastity play thing I’ve briefly mentioned here in a previous blog. The pirate will reap the benefits of the items you so thoughtlessly purchased for yourself. I don’t find your attempt to worm your way around my strict abstinence for you to be charming and for that, I will be leaving you locked up until I am not longer annoyed. Sadly for him, the only reason I continue to see him is because he presented himself, ready for change and ready to training. I enjoyed the possibility of what may become, the dramatic shift from a untrained man to a devoted slave, but his core is beginning to show through. Let’s hope I am not correct in my assessment.
So now that fun part….
jeremy – if you’d ever like to see your chastity keys again you will do exactly as told AND you will do it all on webcam to prove it has been done.Of course you can cut the lock, pick it or figure some other way out of the device, but I will know. If I see it cut, you will never see me again.
I open the floor to my audience, you are all welcome to comment on how you think I should punish this selfish little bitch.
On a related note: I had advised the pirate to begin using review boards to communicate his previous experiences with me as well as future dealings. I think it would be fun to post both my side of things and the submissives as well. For privacy, jeremy has needed to be a silent partner. My pirate has a little flexibility in this department so if you’d like to see his thoughts he has recently posted on Top Hate Reviews for your pleasure.

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  1. John

    Hmm do you have another slave under long term lock and key? If so, release him, and in doing so tell said slave it is a gift from jeremy and of course inform jeremy that his tributes purchased the release of said slave.

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