8 comments on “I crave latex!

  1. Love these. I think I would enjoy wearing some of this in a session with you. Very hot, thanks for sharing your desires and tastes. I am a high heel guy too, can you post some heels you might like? Do you ever play with two boys who come to visit; maybe a forced-bi scene with two feminized boys?

    • Sorry for taking more of your time, I meant for two boys to come to you who both want a session together. Not partners, just bi-curious and a first time playing together and first at all with a domme.

      I tried to go to your store links and they do not show a preferred color or size. Maybe the cookie didn’t transfer from Amazon or the site linked? I am asking size because I would think not all shoes fit the same. Want to get your what you need/want. Just a thought. And yes, I adore you and your wonderful blog.

    • Sorry that link your put up goes to the login because it is wp-admin. So nerdy of me to know that. This nerd is going to find that entry; though I have read each one carefully and slowly.

  2. On my wishlist page, I am a 7/12 in all shoes. If half sizes are not available, a size 8 is perfect. Colors…well, I’m a shoe collector so ANY color is perfect.

    As for a forced bi session with two boys I’ve not met, I’d prefer to session with you each separately first. I would need to have a little familiarity before I impose something so intimate, but I think I’d enjoy it quite a bit!

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