Mid Vacation Update…

I can never quite pull away entirely from working now can I?

I suppose that’s bound to happen when your profession is also your passion! Don’t get me wrong, dear boys, I am enjoying my rest – very much so. It’s been amazing to catch up on things, visit with friends and just relax, but as you know I’ve been keeping up with basic email correspondence in the meantime. Phone calls, are another matter and I do want to remind all of you that while I am accepting prebookgs for my return on the 7th – I am not accepting them by phone as I normally do; there’s just too many calls to sift through for that. Email for the time being is the best, well actually, the only, way to reach me!

I am very excited to get back to the swing of things, I have received about 60 applications for my video project, so that will be underway soon, but also a new photo shoot is on the horizon as well. I wasn’t all that thrilled with the last group (as I may have mentioned), so I’ll be giving it another go as soon as I can persuade my lovely photographer to get his ass over here. In all seriousness, he’s a doll – I’m just a very difficult subject.

All of this will cause me to expand my website a bit, so consequently, I will also be looking for a web designer who can modify my existing site to stream video. I believe I can do it myself, but at this point, I’d rather spend my time being kinky, not techy. If anyone wants to help me with this (who has a portfolio I can view), shoot me an email victoria.rage@yahoo.com

Now…I confess, I am already 3 drinks in to my over indulgent evening so I’d better quit while I’m ahead.

I wish you all a beautiful week and I’m looking forward to seeing you all again this weekend!

PS: A very sincere thank you for those who’ve sent me cards, emails, gifts and well wishes this week. I’m truly overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness!

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