Trade For Play – I want Dreamweaver

I almost NEVER do trades for my services, but on a rare occasion I make an excpetion when there’s something I really want.

In this case, it’s Dreamweaver. I know many of you are blessed to have professions where programs such as this are on hand, perhaps you have an extra copy or maybe you’d just like to be a dutiful pet and would like to purchase one in exchange for a session with me. Regardless, I am develoiping the mother of all websites and though there are better programs out there for this, I’ve been told that Dreamweaver is the most user friendly. I do┬ánot need the most recent version available – but do let me know which one you have!

I should also say that I am not looking for help in designing my new site or any other techy things like that – I just want the program. lol

Sooo…if this is something you are interested in, let me know – email is preferred.

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