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It’s something I consider every morning, I get myself ready to look my best – make up done, hair curled and perfume applied, I slide into my stilettos and corset, ready to begin my day. My self image is important to my overall confidence which directly affects my attitude in my sessions. It lends to a very seductive alpha presence. This is obviously very important in what I do.

Sadly, a small number of my visitors assume for the most part that I am equally concerned with their physical appearance and would place some sort of preference over someone who is fit and attractive over someone who is not.

Body image is important because it directly effects your confidence, but it is nothing short of absurd to assume that ANY woman worth seeing would truly care about little physical  flaws….and that is exactly what they are…LITTLE flaws.

Life is hectic, we don’t live in gyms, have nutritionists and hours of time to work on ourselves. We live real lives that cause us to develop intellect and character; most of us are happy to just have a free hour or two to ourselves every now and then to engage in playtime where judgment is not on the menu.

What I do care deeply about  is your hygiene and your attitude. I’ve sadly had to go so far as to terminate or declined sessions with certain individuals who were lacking very deeply in these departments. Luckily, these instances are very few as most people know how to operate a shower, clean up after themselves and behave appropriately.

Why do I mention this you ask? Well I’ve heard from time to time how some visitors were nervous to see me because they didn’t think I’d find them attractive enough…or they wanted to lose 10 pounds first. I was saddened to hear those comments, I really was.  I don’t like to play with only one type of body or age group. I like diversity, it keeps things fun and interesting.  I think it’s fair to say that most women, at least in the adult industry, don’t place high priority on the physical. It’s all about how you carry yourself and your overall attitude.

If you’re pleasing to the eyes, wonderful! I appreciate aesthetics just as much as the next person but gentlemanly behavior and a stellar attitude are what really float my boat.

So stop sweating the small stuff darlings – you’re fine the way you are, beer gut or not!

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3 Thoughts to “Self Image…”

  1. Laph

    In your industry, Ms. Victoria, you must be similar to a doctor or nurse. After seeing so many naked people, while being in a professional mindset, you are able to see past the outer physical shapes. That can allow you to observe the tender psyche, diagnose the condition and effectively provide the cure to what is ailing the inner person.

  2. Yes absolutely, and very well said darling!

  3. EJ smith

    Being a bigger guy, my self image is not usually very high. I have endured the looks and criticism of family and friends. Something about your post made me smile and feel better about looking in the mirror and seeing me for who I am. I just want to write to say thank you for giving me a boost when I didn’t know that I needed one.

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