My Birthday…

Let me preface this by saying this post is not relevant to everyone. Those that see me on a more regular basis or consider themselves to be “in service” to me, have begun asking me about my upcoming birthday plans so this blog is directed to them, and them alone.

I am a Cancer – born July 19th. I hve not celebrated much in the past, but this year I will be making a fuss to fully enjoy my birthday and will likely not be available for sessions on the 19th, this however is still 6 weeks off.

With that in mind, for those who have asked, I have made a wish list to help in any gift giving endavors.

I have a bit of a strange list this year and at the very top is of course somehting that cateres directly to my personal comfort. (cooling pillows and mattress cover), but there’s a wide range of items here for those who like to surprise me. Wish List

Other options

Donations to the Humans Society!!!!

Starbucks Gift Cards

Cift Certificates from or

Spa Services (Massage/facial/pecidure preferred)

Or anything hand made or from the heart

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