New Summer Schedule…

I’m updating my availability so pay attention darlings!

The least you need to know…

Monday: 10am-Midnight

Tuesday: 10am-Mignight

Wednesday: 10am-Mignight

Thursday: 10am-Mignight

Friday: Unavailable (unless I specify otherwise)

Saturday: 10am-Midnight

Sunday: Unavilable Entirely

I will make these changes on my website and ads tomorrow, but mark your calanders and adjust your schedules where needed!

It’s a funny thing, everytime the seasons change there is a very noticable alteration in how calls come in. Everyone¬†seems to be on¬†the same kinky cycle! As much fun as that is, I’ve continued to keep a flexible calander of availability, available everyday from 10am-Midnight. It’s been nice but even someone as determined as I can’t keep up that sort of pace so instead I’m going to indulge in a little more me time. Do keep in mind I’m still available 70+ hours of the week with these new changes, so I don’t expect this will be too tricky to work this out in your personal agendas.

I am sure I’ll make exceptions here and there as I am often tempted by some of my visitors kinky session ideas, but this will be the schedule posted for the general public. When I do decide I will work on any particular Friday I will make note on Twitter, here and my website. If you’re following me on any form of social media you will be well informed.

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