Infantilism Sessions Now Require A Deposit!

This is a fetish that I’ve had more conversations about then actually experienced and this makes me sad.

Wether it’s people calling to book, then canceling shortly before they are scheduled to arrive or simply people who desire to take up my time on the phone discussing what I do and don’t like about this sort of play, it comes down to less time in the dungeon and more time than I’d like on the phone.

In my career I’ve enjoyed maybe less than 25 actual sessions involving some sort of age regression, infantilism or any other form of baby play. With the number of emails and calls I receive on the subject, this total seems entirely out of proportion. I’m not sure why THIS particular fetish seems to be responsible for most issues, but it is by far the one topic of discussion that tends to be the most…well….insincere.

When I have indulged it with someone, I’ve always enjoyed it! I actually make a fantastically mean version of Donna Reed when I’m dressed to the 9’s in my 50’s style attire, so this truly is a shame! I love the idea of a taboo role play, taking time to address the small details and make the session as realistic as possible. I also love that most people who come to me for this have no shame in getting into character. It’s a lot easier and more fun to enjoy a role play when both partners are into it 100%.

I recently had an experience that I’ll consider the final straw. I was not angry, but it was a very frustrating experience. I had a caller who was interested in a 2 hour session, there were plenty of little nuances I needed to prep for, even a little shopping trip to pick up some atypical items. The session was for the early morning, I was dressed, shopped up and ready when I check my EMAIL, not my phone, but my email. He decided to cancel because he was nervous.

I can understand the deeply psychological nature of this type of play, so I don’t expect anyone to be able to leap into it without a second thought, but this isn’t the first time such a occurance has happened. Additionally, this person gave me no indication from the initial phone call all the way to his appointment confirmation, that he was having second thoughts. Sigh. If only I had known. This gentlemen is what the confirmation is for. If you can’t do it – don’t confirm, I won’t fault you for it.

Like I said, he’s not the first but he will be the last. I have a few new rules regarding infantilism play to cut down on such instances.

The first rule is that anyone booking an infantilism, adult baby, or any other related appointment  will now be required to pay a 50% non refundable deposit upon appointment confirmation. If I have seen you before, you will not be required to pay a deposit. This applies to new visitors only who request ONLY AB play. Now, I sincerely hope this will diminish those who waste my time with endless phone calls or no call no-show sessions. Believe it or not, I do have other ways I’d prefer to spend my time. Being lured to an appointment you don’t intend to keep, is NOT one of them. Consider this a spanking in blog form.

The rest of you who keep the appointments you schedule or cancle with enough notice so that I’m able to make other plans, you’re awesome! You visitors may not realize how much I apprecaite your continued wonderful behavior and respect for my time, but I am always VERY greatful for those who are considerate!

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  1. sissy piggy

    generally, your photos depict you in dresses that are various mouthwatering shades of shiny black. thus, it would be Very interesting indeed to see a photo of You donning the above-mentioned “fantastically mean version of Donna Reed”. i’m fairly certain i speak for many of your readers when i get on my knees and beg You to post a picture dressed thusly. please please and also: please!!!

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