Thank you, anonymous!?

I posted a couple of weeks ago that my birthday was fast approaching, and with that I posted an “ideas” list for anyone who felt compelled to help me celebrate.

I truly appreciate that some of you have already taken part in that, BUT I’ve received 2 packages with no information on the sender. Not a name, number, email addy….not even a clever mention of whether I’ve seen them or if they are a distant admirer. I’m clueless as to who these lovely people are and it frustrates me to some degree that I am not able to properly thank them… or so I thought.

So since both of you are blog readers….

Thank you “person A” for the Ruths Chris gift certificate!  I’ve been craving a nice juicy steak lately 😉

Thank you “person B” for the Betsey Johnson earrings!!!! OMG – so adorable! I’m absolutely addicted to that store!


Ah…that feels better! I may be spoiled, but a proper thank you is ALWAYS in order.


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