My new love…


At some point, it would probably be a good idea to hit up some of the companies I gush about to see if I can get an endorsement deal, or at least a nice basket full of goodies…


In my long list of things I’m madly in love with Vosges Chocolates, Starbucks and Steven Madden Stilettos being the most recent; I feel I need to add Philosophy products to the list!

I started using Philosophy a while ago for their face/anti agin collection because some over-eager woman at the Sephora store convinced me I NEEDED their product line, less I have some sort of personal skin apocalypse, so I bought them and yes, signed up for their mailing list.

Then a few months ago, I came across their soaps…holy shit. I know this will sound silly to most of you men out there, but their soaps are scented in aromas like lilac, vanilla cake, cinnamon hot dots, chocolate chip cookies etc. I know a LOT of products out there are scented, but not like these! These are quality and smell exactly as they claim.

I’ve purchased about 6 of the 80 or so odd flavors and I’m now truly addicted. So, along with my recommendations for guys who’d like to give gifts to their wives, girlfriends or *cough* ME, this is another great secret to add to your arsenal. I assure you, nearly ever woman on the planet would love these, in almost any scent. And if you’ve ever enjoyed a proximity play session with me and you’re silently wondering why I smell so luscious and tempting – now you know, it’s the soap (ok and the pheromones 😉

Also, for the record they are easy to obtain! You can buy them at any Nordstrom or Sephora store. They run about $16 a pop for a large bottle, but if you’re ultra lazy and don’t want to leave the house like me, they have a great website where their items are on sale and they offer free shipping for orders over $50.

Now for my endorsement deal!


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