A Rare Trade for Play Opportunity…

If you caught my previous posting, I’m sure you noticed I just bought a home in Capitol Hill.

As ecstatic as I am about that in itself, I’m also terribly happy because I’m a well known “DIY project whore” and of course, buying a home means an ungodly amount of chores just got added to my to do list . I already know I’m going to spend a pretty penny on upgrades but it dawned on me that many of you volunteering to help with the moving and other handy household projects  may have some of the items I’ll need to get things going.

I’ve made this handy-dandy list to get things rolling and if any of you have these items or would like to do a trade for play in exchange for what I need, let me know!

Email me directly at victoria.rage@yahoo.com with what item you would like to trade for my time, and how much of my time exactly you’d like to get for it. I am open to all reasonable offers.

1. Dehumidifier

2. Garden Tools

3. Lawn Mower

4. Gift Certificates to Lowes, Home Depot and Ikea

5. Pre Paid Visa or Chase Gift Cards

6. Painting Supplies (drop cloths, rollers, brushes etc)


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