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6 Thoughts to “A tribute to vintage attire..”

  1. jay

    positively smashing attire my dear. Would love to see it in person…

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. sal lucente

    Hi Victoria,

    Very Beautiful my dear,that piece was waiting for you you put it on,it was made for you!


  3. sissy piggy


    more more more pleaseee

    1. A photo for a photo blackmail bitch. Send me something good to post, and I’ll consider releasing another one of my own images 😉

      1. sissy piggy

        that’s an irresistible offer indeed. will it be another picture of You in this particular amazing outfit?

        1. Yes indeed….. but I want something humiliating from you…a photo that really makes you cringe when you send it to me….

          Then, I will post another image of myself in my vintage outfit.

          I’m waiting….

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