Body Worship, Goddess Worship & Oral Service

“Mistress, I feel so helpless to you, I just want to worship you”….

Ah, alright, in what way? How do you define “worship” my dear play toy?

“I want to service you orally Mistress, to be humiliated by licking your divine body!”

This is a real excerpt from a conversation I just had; it made me roll my eyes not just in annoyance but also in the thinly veiled attempt to bypass my boundaries because this boy felt that going down on me, would somehow be humiliating. Puh-leaze!

Body worship is a very common request, especially from those who define themselves by the term “sensual submissives”. It’s not that these individuals need hard-core domination to feel weak and humble in the presence of a woman, but instead, they seek a more¬†eroticised and sensory experience.

I agree this is a wonderful way for many to enter the world of¬† BDSM, especially if they otherwise have no desire for activities they feel are “hard-core”.

However, those who use this term need to understand is that just because you’re a sensual submissive – doesn’t mean your Mistress is a sensual Domatrix. She may be a Mistress who has the flexibility to create a session suitable to be deemed “sensual”, but sensual does not always go hand in hand with sexual.

If any of you have spent any time cruising through the Pro Domme or Rants and Raves section of Fet Life, you’ll notice how often the very topic of body worship comes up. It recent years, it meant a very respectful, humble and intimate (not sexual) interaction between Mistress and slave. Her genitals were never a part of the equation – ever. To even ask to orally gratify a dominatrix was vulgar and presumptuous. Body worship, was usually restricted to massaging, kissing, pampering a womans legs, arms and feet. It would occasionally extend to various forms of service such as giving your Domme a non erotic massage, pedicuring her feet, brushing her hair and so on. It was the true definition of worship… worship never meant oral sex.

Now, let me go on record by saying, there is nothing wrong with the desire to be used for the sexual pleasure of your Domme, it’s a very natural lust to have; however, before you ASK for such things, you check to see if she’s listed anything like that on her limits list. If a Mistress has gone through the efforts to type out a list of things she is not interested in, she in all likelihood be very unhappy when someone asks for one of those things. It is seen as boundary pushing since you are directly asking for something she has publically said no to.

So for clarification as to what most Professional Dominants consider “body worship”, please see my list above.

If you are looking for a more sexual experience (ie, nude face sitting, oral sex, rimming, or any oth connection between you and the naked body of your Dominatrix) it is probably best to seek out an escort who also caters for fetishes. You are FAR more likely to find what you are looking for.

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  1. Richard Mason

    Completley agree with the above ( as a sub male) I would be incredibly uncomfortable asking for ‘favours’ not listed. I am also uncomfortable beginning any sentence with ‘I want’ or ‘I need’ since both of those sentiments are inextricably linked with what is wanted from me by a dominant woman. Hence why I’m sub (logically!).

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